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    Hello growers !
    I have 3 week old seedlings from sprout. After i transplanted them into a 1 gal pot i noticed that the true leaves that grow after the cotyledon leaves were starting to yellow and curl up. Also the tips are touching the soil which i dont like seeing.
    The yellowing feels crisp at touch. I understand true leaves falloff eventually.

    temps have been running a bit high(81 farenheit)as the tent is in a garage and RH 60%

    • Should i cut the yellow leaves ?
    - two of the plants true leaves are about halfway of being more crispy. (But still some green)
    • How often should i water now that they're in 1 gal ? 20190624_065514.jpg 20190624_065617.jpg 20190624_070012.jpg 20190624_070024.jpg
  2. What medium are you using?
    You'll get more responses if you post pics under natural light instead of the blurple.
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  3. cant see shit under the purple lighting .
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  5. Have you been feeding it? What's the pH in and out?
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  6. when you edit your post it does not give us updates of new pictures so you know .
    as mick says above ?????? if your not going to respond why ask for help ?
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  8. Are you feeding the plant nutes?
  9. Also, how often are you watering, and if with nutes, what nutes. Sorry, I know everyone’s pitching questions at you, but if you want to know what’s causing these problems you have to take in the environmental factors as that’s almost always the problem besides PH and nutrient defiency/ abundancy.
    Do you also have an even air exchange or any kind of air circulating?
  10. Also be careful with foliars, you don’t want to leave too much water on the leaves
  11. No nutes whatever. Ive just been watering with distilled when i notice this soil is dry knuckle deep. Usually watering on average 3-4 days with misting most days and nights. They seem to perk up every time i mist.

    I have a 400cfm exhaust fan, fresh air from the window, oscillating fan.
  12. Hm. Could be a humidity thing. Since 60% is on the higher side even for veg, that and warmer temps, could be the culprit.
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  13. So its not a nitrogen deficiency problem? Ill dial down the humidifier and see if that fixes it .
  14. ProMix is an inert soilless medium - it contains no nutes. You should be feeding your plant regularly and stop using distilled water - use either tap or r/o.
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  15. So for the next watering ill do a feeding with reg water and should i add npk ? Aswell as cal mag ?
  16. I'm not familiar with your nutes but it should be added every time you water when in an inert soilless medium like peat moss or coco.
  17. Okay thanks. I suppose once the medium is dry ill add a feeding

    Also can i use distilled water and just supplement it with cal/mag to add?
  18. ill be blunt and i am not open for debate . distilled water should not be used for your plants its garbage not getting technical . and its nutrient starved that transplant stuff its a total bullshit . its weak it does nothing . get your self a veg or all around nutrient if you need help deciding what brand let us know i can suggest some that will cost under 20 and its great .
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    Thanks i hear you.
    This is my nutrient line :



    Also, i just took her off 24 hour cycle. Gonna gradually introduce 20 hrs on 4 off, to 18/6, etc

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  20. Seems like a nitrogen deficiency to me. Like I mentioned on your other thread, cut the distilled water.
    (Sorry for my late reply)
    Idk how long your going to veg for, but I would suggest you flush every once in a while, which will flush away the salt build up in the soil.
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