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True Blue Pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Sicore, May 13, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone, just got some "True Blue" a blueberry x blueberry cross. Smells like blueberries only slightly. The blueberry scent is covered up by a musky overtone. Haven't smoked it yet but its supposedly an hybrid.



  2. looks daaaaaaank as fuck man!:smoke:
  3. Dude I literally just drooled lol holy shit man
  4. dense, orange hairs, crystally, nice dude.
  5. looks dank blueberry is one of my fav strains
  6. I swear as i opened this thread i smelled that bud! nice man. and to the poster above me that is one big ass tounge!!
  7. Wow yeah this strain tastes incredible, just like blueberry, amazing. The buzz is pretty great too, just a long crash afterwards. Overall 8.5/10

    Thanks for all the feedback!
  8. Damn that's like Blueberry Ultra haha... i see your from CO... you must have gotten a damn good deal on that. How much that run you? We always have great prices throughout the rockies... even in the non medical states (UT, WY, and ID)

    Im glad to be living in Montana but im not glad that our governor is letting this SB423 Bill pass (reform mmj to where no one can even buy it... grow your own system where you can't make any profit and takes away dispensaries/advertising and limits caregiver to grow for only 3 patients!) and only up to 4 plants... lame. :rolleyes: Looks like everyone is moving or going back to the streets :smoke:

    Colorado understands how mmj works... mmj scene down there is great and you can tell you're economy is thriving from it :eek:
  9. Cost me 40 for an eighth, I buy directly from a grower though which helps keep the prices low. Unfortunate about that bill, kinda destroys all of the economic benefits of mmj :( you'd think the state would want to take advantage of all the extra cash flow
  10. yeah, from what ive read the senate overrides the governors veto so even if he were to sign it the senate might fight back and make it law just like it is now. It doesn't go into effect until July 1st and there are already petitions, law suits, etc. starting. Our MMJ community doesn't back down here and they know that. There's over 30,000 patients... and almost 5000 caregivers i believe :hello:

    We will win and they know it's the most unconstitutional mmj bill... and they probably never discussed the economic benefit... :mad:

    40/eighth is my price through my secondary connect for danks... sometimes it's 35 if he's nice ;) usually either homegrowns or collective bud.
    I try to go through my bro who gets it through the collective gets it for 35/eighth for me. I can't complain until this bill goes into effect... hopefully his place goes back to the streets and i can start buying from them myself possibly :cool:
  11. that looks fucking delicious
  12. dank as fuck.........ur peep dont have the purple cut though huh...........too bad .......
    im working on an IBL of the dark purple pheno of true blue........
    shit is fire though............for sure............
    up high or body high?
  13. More of an up, energetic high. Typical "behind the eyes" sativa buzz at first but it kinda spreads to the body as time goes by. Kind of a long drawn out come down too

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