Truck Stop Yields 1580 lbs of MJ

Discussion in 'General' started by Oregon, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. So, 6 pounds is the same as 1580 pounds in the eyes of the law. That's pretty close to the difference between my baby cousin, and my inlaws.
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    hahaha.... it'd be funny if kentucky weed laws were a joke..

    5 lbs or more\tfelony\t5 - 10 years\t$1,000- $10,000

    you can guarantee they're going to make an example out of this fuck too.

    10 years, 10,000 dollars. that's a hefty chunk of time and money, especially considering it most definitely wasn't his weed. he wouldn't risk traveling with 1500 pounds of his own herb. so he probably wasn't even going to make 10,000 dollars to transport.
  3. who's gonna smoke all that weed? :(

    feel sorry for the truck driver too.
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    Good lord.

    How long did it take to fill up a trailer with 1580 pounds of marijuana?
  5. Whos gonna smoke it?

    The Dankery
    anyone else on this thread lol
  6. That shit weighs as much like 9 or 10 people... I would bake some killer brownies, man.
  7. Wasnt there a truck that got pulled over 3 weeks ago with 20,000 pounds, or 40,000 pounds?

    illegal lane shift!

    do the cops not realise they could snag just 1 of the bricks, and sell it for like 10 g's
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    They do take stuff and resell it. Are you kidding me?
    edit: I hope those uniforms can rest easily knowing they put a stop to some marijuana!
  9. yea, rest easy taking away people's medication, recreation/hobbies and non-violent harmless fun.

  10. Sad, but true :mad:
  11. Yeah, when I heard it was 1580 lbs, my first thought was I wonder where the rest of it is.
  12. Like the cops are gonna go "Oh's just a plant..see the stoners are telling us that it does no harm"

    Hahaha they don't give a fuck if it's actually dangerous or not..just what they're told to do for a paycheck.

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