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  1. I 've started a small indoor cabinet CFL operation with two feminized White Widow plants. I'm nearly a month in and have two seedlings (see photo) going under eight 26W CFLs, with a 40 W on the way and another one coming later. Lights are on an 18-6 cycle.
    I've also tweaked the lighting arrangement to get the lamps closer to the plants. I had a helluva time getting the heat down, even with two fans and a cabinet that looks more like Swiss cheese than a solid box, what with all the vent holes I've had to add, but the temp's down to high 70s-low 80s with lights on.
    My concern is that I'm not getting the kind of growth rate I should be at this stage of the process. Light meter readings show 7+ in the close growing area. I just gave the babies a light nitrogen dilute treatment, and I'm wondering what if anything I may need to do now to get up to speed. So anything you all may have to offer in the way of advice, suggestions or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated...

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  2. they seem pretty small for a month but the leafs are devolping nice.. my current grow i am also using white widow seeds and i have 10 26w cfls and a 65w cfl and mine look very simaler to your except mine are about 9 inches tall. but it sounds like your doing everything ok and there devolping good so just keep growing and try using a tiny bit more nutes

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