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  1. What kind of crazy things did you do when you were kids?
    here's one that comes to mind:
    My parents worked til 11pm every day, so my brother and I had a lot of unsupervised free time.
    One day, I was watching a cartoon called "Tale Spin" which was a cartoon of a bear flying a seaplane and his adventures. There was this one scene where a young bear was trying to steal an electric crystal. In order to not shock himself, he put on rubber gloves that looked like kitchen gloves and grabbed the electric crystal no problem.
    So seeing this, I remembered that I wanted to test something out but was too afraid of getting shocked, which was to charge a AA battery by taping a paper clip on both ends and sticking it the power outlet. I prepared the battery, put on my kitchen gloves and proceeded to stick both paperclips into the socket.
    I knocked the power down in the whole neighborhood. this happened at 10pm so it was completely black out. i'm pretty sure I caused some transformers to explode. My neighbor came running over with his flashlight (cause he knows my brother and I are home alone), and he started to apologize profusely saying that his tv exploded and caused the blackout.
    he will never know....

  2. TLDR; op owes his neighbor a new tv for being iggggnaaannnttt.

    haha I kid, but we all do dumb expirements when we're young. 100% of us deserved a Darwin Award at one point or another
  3. Similar to yours OP. When I was little I went to the YMCA for day care and one day everybody was watching a movie so their backs were all turned. My friend dared me to jam a paper clip in a socket near by which we had done a couple times already before this. I take off my "live strong" bracelet and wrap it around the paper clip to keep me from getting shocked because I thought I was a real smart 6th grader. So I do it and a shower of sparks shoots out and immediately the whole place loses power. And I'm shitting my pants because I was one of the "good kids" who would never do such a thing. Well the best part is somehow nobody noticed the spray of sparks that shot out that I'm lucky didn't start a fire. They had to fuck with the breaker and it took them a couple hours to get it fixed I'm lucky I didn't die from electrocution lol.
  4. Hmmmm I wonder how many GC members have shoved shit into electrical outlets???

    Here's a fun fact. I taught myself how to drive at 14. I would take my mom's car in the middle of the night to go hang with my girlfriend. I did it so she would think I was "bad". I did that pretty regularly for almost 2 years. My mom sometimes brings up how I was such a "natural" driver once I got my permit.

    Little did she know I had LOTS of practice.....

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  5. Ill admit I shoved a paper clip in a socket once

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  6. Robbed Universal Studios for 30 million
  7. <sup>hmm. A moment in my life when i was making trouble...I was very mellow, never did stick anything in outlets, well I did, but I knew what I was doing. Oh I know a story about when I "kidnapped" my friend. He was kicked out of his house and had nowhere to go so I invited him to stay over my house. Then everyone on Facebook is asking me if I had seen him cuz the cops were looking for him and I sucked at lying and Id be like "no, no clue is hemissing or something?!" and obiously they knew he was my best bud so my ignorance was just a slap in the face, they knew I had them, but we made it through the night. The next morning we went to the woods to burn a bit and when we come home and chill and about to rail some unmentionables multiple neighbors are calling me and texting saying they are looking for my friend and that they were coming here next and I was stoned off my ass and Im like ohhhhhh shitttttt brooo, you gotta get outta here. So we went out the back as the cop was knocking the front door and I went left when he went right . And as soon as my friend went to walk across the street the cop saw him, and hes like yes officer Im Nick and so he went in the car.  then he saw me coming from the other side of the house and is like was he at your house? No officer he was not. But he was just happy that Nick went in the car so he didnt interrogate me anymore. I was so baked good thing I had drops. </sup>
  8. Egged cars and houses.

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  9. I put two AA batteries opposite ways round in a lamp, where the bulb goes, and put each hand on the end of a battery, I was scared as shit afterwards

    We call him Chief Kief now
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    I had a friend who lived across the street from us.  Non-Mormon.  We hid in her shed one day and got plastered on beer.  I was 14 years old.  Never had alcohol before.  I was so sick.  My mother beat me within an inch of my life. She was cursing in three languages.  I was trying to avoid her hitting vital organs so I danced around like a monkey.  She got some good blows in.  The more I danced the angrier she became.  I couldn't sit down for a week. lol
    Two years later we were having a bottle rocket war and accidentally hit our neighbor's car as he was driving by.  He got out with a baseball bat and we all scattered.  Me and my cousin's friend hid in a closet (yes I know, ironic) together.  The neighbor searched the house but he never found us.  He lined up my siblings and read them the riot act.  I found out that night that my cousin's friend was bi-curious and he was REALLY curious about me.  We ended up making out in the closet.  First and last time.  He's married now and has a couple of kids. He was a hot little number.   ;)
  11. hahahahahahaha you crack me up dried meat!
  12. You could say I had a wild side around sixteen and seventeen. I started hanging around with around with a crowd that was a little nuts; That one gaggle of kids that seem so stupid, you'd never have fun with them. They got me to do the craziest shit. Many a time did we rob Walmart of both their sanity and stock. We would joust in the bicycle department with rugs and get thrown around a lot; directly into shelves, really. Once one of the rentacops tried to stop us because he saw my pal Dylan stealing silly string and the first thing he thought of was to cover the dudes face in it. He was clamoring for his pepper spray when we bolted. We also had the worst fucking driver on planet earth for a chauffeur friend. He had the truck that we would all pile into, sometimes in the bed but mostly in the cab. For shits and giggles, he would sail down residential areas going seventy miles an hour. Rarely slowed down for speed bumps, that one. His dad was a cop so he would always get off on easy shit. We spent around eight months vandalizing the city, and it felt pretty nice. 
  13. My friends & I saw jackass back in elementary school & tried to imitate it....some of our stunts included running on barrels while someone else dropkicked the barrel, hitting each other in the nuts with various objects, shooting bottle rockets at each other, etc etc

    Trying to get equally in my right mind
    i did stuff like that too. the dumbest thing i ever did was lay a dolly on it's back, laid down on top of it with my feet on the bottom part of the dolly and went down a hill using the dolly as a luge. 
    Imagine going down a 30% incline, laying down, no brakes, on the thing below:
  15. When I was in grades 7-8 I went through a huge pyro phase with my friends. In about a 10 minute bicycle ride radius there were 4 elementary schools and conveniently placed between them and the fire station was our favourite convenience store. We would light several dumpsters on fire in a night and then bike to the convenience store to buy slushies and laugh at the fire trucks that went by. 

    Our actions were in the news, it lasted months and the entire police force was scrambling to find us. Of course, the police got outsmarted by a few grade 7-8's because their brains are only as developed as a 6th grader. They never found us, we just stopped eventually because it got boring. 

    Another time, one of my pyro friends and I wanted to make as big of an explosion as we could. We went into a forest where houses back onto and found a clearing with just dirt and nothing that could spread a fire nearby. I can't remember exactly what we combined, but it was many household cleaning products and other explosives. The explosion we set off was so big that the mushroom cloud doubled even the tallest of the trees, we created an insane explosion and were so proud. Laughing our asses off at the huge bang, flash of light, and mushroom cloud, all of the sudden we hear "I'm calling the police" from one of the backyards. We ran like hell, I've never ran so fast in my life. We went to the nearby convenience store, bought our slushies, and laughed once again as this time 3-4 fire trucks went by.

    I was a young Einstein back then with my explosive creativity. 
    running from, or the thought of being chased by police (or any authority figure) was the most excitement I had in my childhood. we felt like ninjas climbing trees, hiding behind bushes and dumpsters, breaking into apartment buildings, etc. Also didn't help that the movie "3 Ninjas" came out during that time. all of us were trying to prank each other by giving diarrhea-inducing coke to one another for at least a month.
    if you don't know what i'm talking about, stop what you're doing, go to netflix and watch 3 ninjas.
  17. Oh man you have no idea. I am a very fast sprinter, I run like a gazelle, taking huge leaps, and when I'm scared I don't get tired. The shit I have run away from before is absolutely hilarious. The thought of running from the police still gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside to this day. I may just have to give the police a reason to chase me soon for old time sake. God the feeling of being chased by authority is exhilarating. And how about when you get away? And you had a nice joint in your pocket, maybe some beers in the back pack. I remember a few of those times. 
    unfortunately for me, if I was running from authority and I had bud on me, I always threw it away.
    fortunately, I only had to do that twice in my life, but never again with my prescription!
  19. I'll post 1 thing at a time as this might be a long(er) list. I had quite the bad streak in my later days of HS.

    Sold a few 12 gauge shotguns that got me put in a psych ward. Lol. Got caught at school with a .22 behind my seat so I'm lucky that's all I got. And btw, no I'm not crazy, but some of the people in there were. I don't judge them at all though.

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  20. Woah where the hell did you get a bunch of shotguns from while still in highschool ?? Lol thats something

    Open your mind

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