Trouble with the law

Discussion in 'General' started by BNelley24, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. I'm posting this to see what your opinions are on the what the punishment for my brother will be. I'm @ college, but he told me what happened...

    First off, my brother is 16 years legally a minor...

    The other night our new neighbor knocks @ the door and my brother answers. She says her son tested positive for all of these drugs and she's going to call the cops on him because she thinks its his fault for doing it all. Now all my brother does is smoke some weed, and she was accusing him of other shit too. My brother went back to bed thinking it was just an angry neighbor type thing. Well, I know, if it was me I would have gotten rid of ANYTHING in the house right there, but he's an idiot. An hour later the cops knock. My idiot brother lets them in. They start questioning him about the situation, but then they notice a joint in the ashtray. They tell him they are going to search the rest of the house. My brother didn't wake up my dad until the cops were in the house...Which I think might be a loophole. Well anyways...

    My brother had tried growing one plant in our room about 6-8 months ago, and it eventually died for some reason or another. We kept it hidden from our dad. He found out about us growing, but it was dead by that time. We never really cleaned it up, but I was planning on telling my bro to get around to doing that just in case something like this happened. Anyways they searched our room (me and my bro share a room)...found gram bags, 3 separate grams of weed, and the 6-8 month old dead plant (which probably had little if anything left and was just shrivvled up.

    They didn't arreast anyone, but told my dad/bro that they would be contacting them either Monday or Tuesday. I'm worried for both. I just hope they decide to go after my brother.

    Do you see any potential loop holes in my story as well?

    Let me kno what you guys think :(...I feel bad for my bro..

  2. ummm idk man only thing that comes to mind is a minor didnt own the house that the cops came into and the cops should have right away found the owner of the house and talked to the dad instead of an 16 year old, but soundslike a pretty shitty story to be honest. sorry man
  3. I don't think your brother will get in that much trouble. I can't predict what they'll do though. Maybe a hefty fine and/or probation.
  4. well the only thing im gonna say is that ur brother is a fuckin idiot for keepin a 6-8 month old dead weed plant in ur room

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