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  1. Hi guys I am using a 300w LED at the moment but managed to inherit a 600w HPS with ballast. I plugged it all in to test it, to find that it would not fire up, I left it off for 20 minutes as advised by a friend but still nothing, I have opened and checked ballast for loose connections but none were found. The ballast makes a buzzing noise if I am right that means that the ballast isn't totally dead? I then realised that the lead coming from the ballast to connect to the light fixture was the same as my LED fixtures connection so I plugged my led into the ballast and it managed to light the LED no problem. Does this simply mean that I need a new 600w bulb? Thanks in advance for any responses
  2. Unscrew the bulb. Chech it isnt broken. Screw back in and try it again. I bumped my timer and me 315w turned off, I plugged in straight back in but it wouldn't work. Had to wait 10min to turn it on. The ballast hummed for a few minutes on start up but the light worked.
    You probably will need a new bulb.
  3. Just a recommendation OP. Yes quantum boards or good quality LEDs are expensive. Yet you save in the long run on your electric bill. That HPS will put your electric bill in the triple didgets.
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  4. Confused about you plugging your LED in to HPS. Seems sketchy
  5. I'm not using the led plugged into the ballast I simply plugged the power cable from the ballast into my LED to see if there is power to the ballast, got a new bul coming today if that doesn't work then i think I'm gonna start saving for one of them quantom boards I think

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