Trouble with my seedlings, please help!!

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  1. This is not my first grow, but under the conditions I'm growing in it might as well be my first. Believe me when i say I'm ashamed to even consider myself a marijuana cultivator of any kind. Enough beating around the bush, here are their conditions.

    18/6 cycle with a 115W of cfl that are fixed around 3-5 inches from the seedlings. They are roughly 2 and a half weeks old now, the tallest one being a maximum of 1.5 inches tall.The temperatures have been very unstable and were changing rapidly a week or so ago. The average day temperature was around 90-95 F and nighttime could plummet to below 65 F. Now it's about 75-80 F all day and night, but it's only been like that for a few days now. I'm particularly having trouble with my humidity levels. It's been resting at around 20%-30% and I can not for the life of me raise it any higher!! I haven't started on fertilizer yet and nor will I for at least another week. I know how important strain type/genetics are in growing, but I have no clue about my seeds background :eek:

    My main concerns with them are the twisted/warped leaves (hard to tell in the pictures but it's there), the red veins on the leaves, the yellowing of the leaves, and the brown/stiff stems.

    For some reason the pictures don't look as bad as the actual plants are, but trust me they don't look that green. The first one has a yellowed patch in the center, and the leaves are significantly darker than what they should be, like if they needed more nitrogen but (to my knowledge) they're too young for any fert. The 3rd one is all wrinkly, but surprisingly the least red of them all and the stem is not very stiff.

    I will literally suck the dick off of anybody who helps with my seedlings. Literally. ;) Thanks in advance to any contributors, I really do appreciate it!

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  2. your plants are over fertilised, are you using miracle grow or fox farm perhaps?

    flushing them with lots of water will help. don't fertilize next week, leave that for a while

    *unzips jeans...
  3. they're only 2 weeks old, i haven't started fertilizing them yet. that would be my best guess too looking at the leaves but it's the red veins that really throw me off.
  4. some soil isn't suitable for seedlings as the nutrient level is too high. what soil are you using?
    often when they have too much of one nutrient it locks out others, this can sometimes give mixed signs
  5. the same exact soil as my first grow, it's just plain potting soil with no added nutrients
  6. I have no idea what "plain potting soil" is. but I'm sure it contains nutrients. it's worth checking your PH levels. whatever it is, it's battering them so rinsing the soil will be worth doing. it's definitely not simply lacking nutrients
  7. the bigger ones might survive but the smaller one will likely die u should plant more and use organic soil which will contain zero ferts

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