trouble smoking???

Discussion in 'General' started by known_unknown, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. why is it that when i'm smoking i often burp up some smoke?
  2. maybe cuz when u smoke, sumtimes some ppl have a habit of just swallowing while they still have smoke in their mouth...thats most likely why, happens to me too
  3. Your prolly taking too big of hits and swallowing the smoke
  4. lol i burp up smoke too. idk y it happens but i dont think its bad
  5. once u burp some smoke, u'll be high.. [just think your not] but you are,lol
  6. once i was smoking behind a house out of a pipe took a hit out my pipe away and walked into my house started talking to my brother and all of a sudden i burped and a nice scent of bud hit the air, luckily all i had to do was let me brother get a few hits and he was cool
  7. when i burp, it kind of burns the shit out of my nostrils because most of the time i try to hold it in but it comes out of my nose lol

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