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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by TheNasty16, Jan 15, 2016.

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    So I'm looking to buy my first vape in the next two weeks or so. I've been watching reviews but am still having trouble settling on one. These are the ones I've came down to (though new recommendations are accepted!!) The Arizer Air, the MFLB, pax 2, and Kandy Pens Micro DX. Some really big turn offs are any plastic/chemical taste, or if the mouth piece gets hot (<--#1 to avoid) My limit is about $275. Again it will be my first, I'm looking to take it out of the house so portable and somewhat discreet would be a plus! The only thing on the mflb is that it doesn't get you as high as other vapes? And the Pax 2 gets very hot? Again, if any users of these have good advice please fill me in! All advice is welcome and Thank you!

  2. Life saber is the best damn one I have heard of recently.

    Let's Smoke About It....
  3. My Life Saber has been my daily driver now for about 3 years. I absolutely love it.
  4. For the price of the Pax2 you could get an Arizer Air, extra batteries, a gong and some extra stems to carry your medicine more easily.

    If you are in the USA you can buy an Air front Planetevape or Torontovaporizer (both .ca) with an extra battery for about $150 USA due to the currency conversion rate.

    You can buy a couple of stems, I REALLY like the Solo bent stem (about $8-$10) two more batteries, an external charger and still leave you with change so you can get some top shelf medicine .

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