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  1. Hi , I'm new here, i live in tropical country in South east asia.
    I want to post my grow so i can get some help, so please comment. I want to try hydroponic but i will do soil first.

    the seed i got from Attitude seed, arrive in 1 week, I ordered sensi seed feminized mix 20seeds , but beside them i got free 5 thai s skunk and 1 fem gigabud for free.

    I germ 2 thai s skunk by dip them on a glass of water for 2 days and i saw a crack today, no root yet but i plant them anyway on a small pot with local growing media that mixed of
    33% of soil (possibly clay)
    33% of compost
    33% of humus
    1% od dolomite

    The problem is now is the raining season here, the room temperature are between 76F to 85F and humidity between 65% to 85%. i can lower the humidity with aircon but the temperature will drop also.

    I also germ the gigabud and 3 more thai s skunk with rockwool method. to see which one works better.

    For both ways, i used bottled non sparkling mineral water. i dont have a measuring equpment but i think they are around 7 for PH value

    today i can seed that the gigabud will grow first, it also got the biggest size of seed compare the other.

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