Trogdor the Burninator

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHempress, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. rock on badass game
  2. that was fun, i got to level 4 before i was completely killed, i suck at video games
  3. it took me a long time to get past level 1 b/c I kept on thinking there was a button so he'd shoot fire..I didnt know you had to stomp on the peasants first

    if you stay close to a cottage you can stomp on them as they come out
  4. i can't beay level four, actually i only made it to 4 one other rime and i always get traped by those stupid knights.
  5. Man, I made it to level 6. Not to hard. I'm fucked up. It's all rock and roll.
  6. That game rules
  7. I made it to level 5...but then my brother wanted to play so I had to kill myself :(
  8. i made it to level 10 first try....i own...
    homestarrunner is wicked.. sll the SBemails are hilarious
  9. i tried to play it, but my computer is sooo fucking messed up that it wouldnt even run it.... stupid computer...

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