Trip's Intro (dum dum daaaaaam)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Trip, Sep 4, 2001.

  1. hi everyone,

    my name is trip.
    im from newfoundland, Canada
    im 14 years old and have been tryin drugs for a little over two years although ive only been doing weed for a little over one.
    my friends started calling me trip a while ago when one of my friends said that they forgot what i looked like when i wasn't blitzed, tripped out or stoned in some way. i think ill become a regular on these boards since i love weed of any type.
  2. welcome to the boards trip. have fun here.
  3. hi trip.

    if u been taking drugs for 2 years and smoking weed for 1.... what drugs were you doing before weed?

    First mind altering drug I ever took was magic mushrooms. about a year and a half before i ever smoked weed.

  4. uh... lol
    what i meant by that was:
    ive been doin weed constantly (just about everyday) for 1 year.
    i first tried weed 2 years ogo, but i only did it once.
    the second time i tried it was a little over a year ogo, when i actually started it.
    before weed there was no real harsh druga
    cigarettes and beer and a little hash oil. thats all

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