Trippy stick for 22 bucks on boardwalk?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by PuFyy, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. My friends got one of these in a shop on the boardwalk, came with 600 hits and my question is what is this? And what is in it?
  2. An E-cig? A very cheap one at that.
  3. its most likely a glycerin cartomizer thats mixed with bho dont fall for it get the real ones like the Omicron or thermovape
  4. It's a pen that you smoke oils out of.
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    its an amazing and revolutionary product but there are definetly better versions of it, if you like it then you should take a look at the atmos rx, atmos raw, omicron, gentlemans brand or g pen,although im pretty the g pen is hazardous since it melts the casing around the cartomizer and you'll be get huge fat rips out of it even when there's no product in it, some of those which are oil vaporizers, you just fill with glycerin tincture, and there are plenty of guides on here on how to make it, wild will has one and im pretty sure badkittysmiles has one too

    its an awesome type of product, you can pretty much get extremely baked where you want too without any smell and is super discreet, way better then mflb or any vaporizer in my opinion, you shouldn't be dissapointed with it in the slightest, in fact you'll probably fall in love with it, im planning on getting one very soon, most likely an atmos rx or atmos stratus

    wiz loves the trippy stick, go to 00:37, you'll get a bunch of information on it
  6. I would stick with the omicron or thermovape, the rest are either bs or re branded ecig.

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