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trippy songs

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by negligent, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. i'm tryin to make a cd with some trippy/drug related songs like the white rabbit by jefferson airplane and pink floyd n that kinda stuff

    any suggestions for songs to use?
  2. Check out Grandmaster Flash's "White Lines" and an awesome song that isn't about drugs but is fucking amazing stoned/tripped out/or sober is DJ Shadow's "Organ Doner" shit I don't even have that song anymore. Gotta go download it it is so fucking good!!!!
  3. OH TECHNO! I dont knwo if you were looking for songs that are talking about drugs and shit or songs that were ment to trip to, but ALICE DJ-better off alon is the outline of a tripp. its IN-FUCKIN-CREDIBLE
  4. haha yea i got that alice dj song, it is pretty damn trippy, i always dance around like an idiot when i'm fucked up to that song.

  5. You listen to either of those songs yet? There is no way possible either could disappoint!!! Find them and listen!!!!
  6. Echoes - Pink Floyd
    Stone Love - Pepper
    You Enjoy Myself - Phish
    Run like an antelope - Phish
    Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink floyd

    trippy music kicks ass and is awesome for roadtrips lol
    come to think of it, most pink floyd songs are trippy
  7. Echoes - Pink Floyd
    Starless and Bible Black - King Crimson
    I love you mary Jane - cypress hill
    White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane

    basicly anything King Crimson, fucks with your mind
    Check out the band Primus, they cant be defined but they kick ass

  8. dunno really song seems a bit corny/out-dated/Cheesey/ not forgetting Pop-trance wank....

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