Trippy Picture of My First Tattoo! :)

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    I ended up gettin my first tattoo 3 days ago. To make a really long story short, I'm high,. I took a picture of my back and photoshopped it to what you see above. It trips me the fuck out lookin at it and i was wonderin if anybody else thought the same thing haha i like it :smoking:


    there's the original. anybody like the tat or the trippy rendition of it haha holla guys
  2. Looks good. How/why did you decide on it?
  3. well to make a long story short, i grew up in the south. ive always been around horses, cows, hogs, whatever. i had also wanted a tribal tattoo, with some kind of center piece, right on my shoulder blades. being a firefighter/emt, i also wanted a tattoo to symbolize that. the one i had in mind for almost a year looked similar to this, with a tribal looking maltese cross in the center. i had spent 4 or 5 days in the shop looking at flash, trying out different kinds of tribal with the maltese cross, but all to no avail. i ended up seeing this piece of flash that really caught my eye. the centerpiece in my mind almost looks like a cowskulls (somethin i had thought about getting at some point) and deer antlers. both of which i like. another thing it reminded me of was the punisher's cartoony lookin skull. ive always been the type that when somebody does me wrong, i can never just let it go... i always retaliate. so idk, i dont wanna make this really long but i think thats about it. im too high to process it all right now haha
  4. What i want to know is how you managed to take a photo of your own back...

    Nice tatt btw, pretty generic though
  5. haha just a tripod and delayed shutter, and thanks. i wasnt lookin for anything extravagant just yet. i was just lookin for somethin to test the waters and to see if it was somethin id enjoy. im pretty baked so idk if that came out right, but yeah
  6. oh cool... tribal
  7. ive never seen that tattoo before!
  8. looks good. i like how its like a skill + tribal.
  9. Nice tattoo + how did you get the picture to look like that what did you do to it cause i think it looks really trippy and awesome
  10. just curious. .

    how green is the firefighter thing?

    ive always been interested but ive heard there is testing pretty randomly i wouldnt want to put in all that work and blow it on some dirty pee
  11. i used photoshop. i cant remember now what exactly i did to it, but i took out the background and made it black by hand. then i used a tool/filter to bring out the edges and make them look neon (just took a couple clicks). i toyed with the lighting and brightness and slapped on a bit of lens flare in the middle of the skull. thennn, i used the "render smoke" function and put smoke on the background, liquified it and made it "swirly looking" haha i finished it up with a picture i found online of a galaxy and superimposed it over all of that. anddd there ya go. haha it took all of an hour and a half but i think it turned out alright. thanks for the compliment though!

    depends completely on the department. the bigger the dept., the more prone they are to testing you randomly. if it's volunteer, they test you when you get on and VERY rarely after that (unless you're involved in an accident on duty and try to get the dept. to pay for it). as long as you can keep it to yourself or with one or two guys you can trust with your life (seriously), you'll be fine.
  12. Does this just mean that you want people who like tribal tattoos to tell you that?
  13. i think its reallllllly generic. get some cooler ink.

  14. lets see... i think in english "holla guys" translates directly to "post what you fuckin think"

    good enough?

    i've been working on another tattoo for over a month now that has a quite a bit of a story behind it, so we'll see how that one goes. i guess gettin one simple tribal tattoo to see how i like bein inked isnt up to par with some people.... if you dont like it, fuck off. it aint a big deal
  15. Looks fresh, just never got into the tribal style man. More power to ya man
  16. i'd never really been into either but i figured id add to it over time. itll probably be a full backpiece (no more tribal though) in the next 10-15 years. next one im gettin is a 1/2 sleeve and ive been workin on it for over a month cuz the shit has gotttt to be perfect
  17. Thats awesome man, Tribal looks good when you do a huge back piece what you think your adding?
  18. OMG how original...
  19. idk yet man, ive been more focused on the sleeve. im sure it'll be somethin firefighter-wise or a combination of mythical shit. i have no idea, i havent really thought about it much.

    as for the sleeve, i wanna mix a little more tribal into right side of the tattoo, fill up the back of my shoulder and my upper arm, down to my elbow. on the top of my arm, i want a centerpiece on the tribal with a evil looking crescent moon and a chill/old school sun put together into a yin/yang shape. then below that i want a picture of a lone wolf with a green eye and a brown eye standing in the woods, looking around some trees. i wanna add ALOT more though but it's a work in progress.

    the meaning... the sun/moon is my way of knowing that light always follows the darkness, and good and evil are always balanced forces. the lone wolf with the 2 different color eyes is in part in memory of my first dog, Psycho, alaskan malamute husky who had a green and brown eye. that dog was my big "protector" growing up and ill always remember him. other than that, it symbolizes to me that i can always survive on my own, i dont need a "pack" although i do like to have one.

    sorry for makin it so long winded but i figured id toss that out there

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