Tripping on Acid first time...Amazing

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  1. I finally got to trip off some acid recently.

    It was monday morning and i woke up at 11 O'clock. I looked at my phone and saw i had a voice mail from my friend J.

    Basically it was J telling me that he has a friend, C, coming up from Long Island and he has some acid to sell us. It was 15$ a hit but up here where i live in the catskills there is never acid so i went to his house and bought some.

    We took the hits when C got up from the city, 10:15. About 45 minutes later i felt it creeping up on me, so me and J started walking back to his house and watched some movie with Steve Martin, really funny.

    We go outside and chill under the incredibly bright moon for about an hour waiting for C to come out. C was tripping off of 2 hits at the time.

    I felt as if i was in a negative zone, because the moon was so bright you could almost see as good as daytime. Me and J both agreed that it was as if we were in a storybook because the woods setting we were in seemed so "Picture Perfect".

    J and I were peaking as C came out, and I was just amazed at how beautiful everything was.

    My biggest hallucination was when i was staring into the woods and all of a sudden a portal opened in front of me and kind of stretched out around me. Whenever i looked through it at the forest everything around me was in 3-D like a video game...awesome.

    Thats when i saw the mushroom village :rolleyes:, i lay down on the ground and turned my head back so that i was looking at everything upside down, and out of the forest was a mushroom village growng about halfway up the trees. They were small brown huts shaped like mushrooms that just hung there.

    We alll walked down to a meadow with some trees in it and chilled there for a few hours, there was this one tree in the center of the meadow that was completely 3-D and looked as if it was made of ribosomes that you see in science class.:eek:

    We started to go up J's drive way to go inside at about 3, and on the way up there was this whole arrangement of rocks on the ground, it was so beautiful and peaceful. We stayed there for about 10 minutes just in awe of how spiritual and awesome this thing was.

    We went up to the house and i couldnt sleep at all that night, but watching iron chef on hilarious.

    The next day i went to a fair so i didnt get to sleep until 1 last night, 38 hours of no sleep ugh.

    I really liked it and plan on taking 2 hits next time C comes up with some. :p

  2. bumpity bump bump bump
  3. sounds like a fun time, my 1st trip was also amazing, hopefully ill be getting some this weekend :hello:
  4. Try combining it with smoking next time, you'll be in for one hell of a ride.
  5. yeah when you trip off cid u can usually never sleep
  6. Yeah we were smoking out of a dry bong, some dank golden nug. After smoking i just felt like i could fly up in the sky haha
  7. Sounds awesome man, makes me want to do acid again! +rep for the motivation.

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