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  1. Hey guys whats up. My birthday is coming up this week (friday) and i'll be turning 19. An insignificant age yes, but I am another year wiser. Right now I'm a freshman at a university, and I have a chance to score some lucy. What i am wondering is if anyone has any experience with tripping at college? I live in the dorms, and am in good standing with my RA. thankfully the only contact i have had with her has been me opening the door for her when her hands are full, etc, and she has been really nice to me and stuff.

    I do not have much experience with psychedelics at all, I have eaten mushies once, albeit a large dose of >5 grams. I am paranoid by nature, but surprisingly I had one of the if not the greatest experiences of my life that night. Simply magical you could say.

    Anyways, I'm *planning* on dosing around night time, maybe between 10 and 12. I don't really have much to do except walk around campus, which is very aesthetically pleasing, and well illuminated at night. I could also chill in the dorm room, which is configured with two rooms separated by a bathroom. I get along with all my room mates.

    Sounds like a good time right? I have several concerns though. I'm thinking about tripping solo, but i would tell my room mates. one of my room mates is into drugs too, but hes on a different level than I am. For one, he likes music far different than I do. You may be thinking, ''who cares'', but music is very important to me. I dont want to hear his damn metal music and screamo while im tripping. no offense but that shits not for me dog. I'd much rather put on some doors, floyd and grateful dead.

    Shit sorry i just wrote my life story, most of it is unimportant. Basically, if any of you have tripped at college, tell your experience and offer advice.
  2. Hey at least you have great music taste man, you could drown his shit out by relaxing and putting in your headphones maybe.
  3. good man, i say do it. dont think of the negatives, sounds fun as fuck.
  4. Do it man, dose up and walk around while listening to the dead! :smoke: Peace
  5. Tripping at college is bomb, you've got no obligations if you don't want to, and if people don't like how you're acting or what you're doing, FUCK EM! WHO CARES!?
  6. Last spring I downed some shrooms with a guy who is one of my roommates this year and we were fine. No one really bothered us or anything but we were super fucked up and I was having a terrible trip so people kept looking at us. They might have been whispering too but idk I was hearing stuff the entire time. We also played some Halo 3 on xbox live in his dorm. I was getting destroyed. I could barely hold the controller and just kept tripping out by looking at the tree textures up close.

    Nothing bad really happened except for me having a really bad trip. Make sure you have an easy way to get back to where your comfortable though. I probably would have been better off if we hadn't of wandered around so much.
  7. yeah man, sounds like a good time. the only reason i haven't tripped at college is because i don't know if i'd be able to act straight if i had to
  8. i love lucy! fell in love with her the first time we met...awww but anyway, sounds like a wicked plan man, go walk around take an ipod or however you listen to music with some headphones, lay in the grass and enjoy!
  9. Hell. Yes.

    I've gone through this exact same style clash with one of my friends. All I can say is, great taste man. Get some good speakers and drown him out with actual music.
  10. I know people who have done it alone, and I'm gonna trip alone this weekend. Just rememeber that you won't feel that way forever and think positive thoughts.
  11. hay i would just explain to your roommate that you wanted to listen to something different while your tripping, he should understand. but yeah man happy thoughts!
  12. The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds
  13. i like tripping solo better... everyone has different trips so it is annoying when other people are like 'omg do u see those stars' or some shit like that.

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