tripping and god

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  1. you know how people say you meet god if you trip enough. What if it really is god? What if he made the plant salvia suppose for that purpose. Maybe he wanted us to get in a different mind set before meeting him
  2. you know thats a good question man :confused: bad what drug could you do to trip that much to see him or what?? you know
  3. i have thought about that once. it's a theory that should become more developed because i really think it could have some backing
  4. I contacted spiritual entinties on LSD (the 20 hit dose) salvia and DMT
  5. I wish I could post my picture... But anyway.

    My friend and I went backpacking up through the mountains, found this cliff with a cave up a bit. Climbed a tree, found another cave in the back of it. Perfect sphere with this tiny little hole as an entrance, THE perfect hotbox. Or sphere, mind you. We smoked a huge blunt and a bowl, and sat there high as kites for about 20 minutes. Side note, the cave was covered with this reddish dusty dirt. After 20 minutes I get up and look down, and right where I had been sitting there was this perfect entity of a face staring back up at me, a perfect impression in the dirt. What was even better was there was something that seemed to be hair, or more like a shining aura, coming off the top, shaped only by my hands running absent-mindedly through the dust. All I did was add eyes, and it was the perfect godlike nature spirit of a face. That was my only spiritual experience smoking, it really made me think. Even if it was all just coincidence.
  6. God doesn't like the East Coast :(
  7. thought of that several times.

    if anything though, i think DMT would be the drug to research since our own bodies produce it.

    then again, i think of LSD as a product of evolution that may be able to connect with with God.

    thats just assuming that there is a God for this threads purpose.
  8. any one have some good storys about this matter like experiences like Irf dude's
  9. God is an idea implanted inside your head by parents, the media, your government, and every other entity that had authority over your thoughts and memories when you were young and easily brainwashed.

    So, yes; meeting your "God" is quite conceivable. You don't need to use "drugs" to do it.

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