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Trippin Hard

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Subliminal Jazz, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Hello GC!

    About two days ago I ripped my friends very large bong and I got so fucked up my head started bobbing back and fourth slowly and my arms where doing the same, my friend told me he looked at me and said I looked like I just got shot in the stomach and my eyes where rolling back in my head, I was completely aware of what was happening too!

    This has never happened to me before in my 7 years of smoking, not to mention this bong was actually smaller then the bongs I've hit in my lifetime.

    I never thought weed had the power to put me in a sort of physical trance yet with me aware of it.

    Anyone ever had this happen?
  2. hm its odd you mention your head bobbing back and forth, i was talking to a friend the day after she got good n' baked for the first time in a while and she said the same thing happened...she simply couldn't stop her head from going back and forth lol and she was completely aware of how stupid it was haha
  3. love your fuckin quote man(faaipDeOiad) im so high
  4. ha i had a similar experience the first time i ever hit a waterfall. it was one of my first times toking and the bowl was about the size of a bear bottle top, completely filled with bud. the guy burning it cashed the whole thing out of one waterfall and i cleared the whole thing. after that i went and coughed for 5 mins in the bathroom, sat down in the living room and couldnt drink water to fix my cotton mouth cause i saw fishies swimming in it. lol my friends said i turned green too but idk about that i think the were high too :p but who knows?

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