Tripped Real Badly Tonight. Laced?

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  1. Okay, hi I'm new to the forums.
    A really freaky thing happened tonight that I'd just like to share because I think it's a nice little story xD

    First of all, I'm not a huge smoker. I've smoked about 5 times this year, and haven't gotten really ultra baked yet. So today I decided to smoke by myself at home. Right when I got home, I smoked a lot of weed from an apple pipe (not so much a large quantity of weed, but I got a lot of hits off of it). I probably had about 5-7 hits and then got in the shower. I was feeling pretty high (dizzy, legs pretty wobbly, not really laughing at all, which I thought was odd). Since I hadn't gotten really stoned before, I didn't really know how much I should smoke.
    So anyways, I was feeling pretty good. Then about 5 hours later I didn't feel high any longer, but decided to go upstairs and smoke some more to get high again. I only took TWO tokes off of my "apple pipe" (thing actually worked like a charm). The weird thing is, I probably would have kept going but for whatever reason I just stopped after two. Once I did that I felt really dizzy and kind of out of it. It was as if those two tokes just made me cross the line. All I can remember is me somehow making it downstairs, putting some febreeze away in my closet and sitting on the couch. Literally seconds after sitting down, the dizziness got way more intense, and I now felt like I was half asleep (it all feels like a dream looking back on it now). All of a sudden I got this super insane rush feeling go shooting down my entire body into my legs. It kind of felt like when you get woken up abruptly from a dream out of nowhere. Like a falling feeling. It was so intense, that it made me stand up and start freaking out. While this was happening I could feel my heart in my chest beating like crazy. Seriously, it felt like it was beating out of control and that I would have a heart attack. I tried calming myself down, just telling myself that it was just the weed and that I'm just starting to get bad thoughts.
    However, this feeling was the worst thing I can possibly describe. I knew I was just having a bad experience, and it would end shortly, but the wave of panic just kept sweeping and sweeping over me until all I started freaking out.

    I full out freaked. All I can remember from this time was me running around the house really fast (lucky I didn't hurt myself) and whispering things like "how do I calm myself from a weed trip" over and over again. I was literally out of my mind. I'm lucky I was home alone because if someone else was there I would have gotten busted for sure.
    Anyways, it all just seems like that part was lightning fast, like I went speeding around the house in fast forward.
    I don't know how it happened, but I eventually just realized what was happening, and slowly calmed myself down. I eventually calmed myself down into being able to actually function and turn on my laptop and drink some water. I was so greatful that was finally over. My heart didn't feel like it was beating out of my chest anymore, and my mouth was SO dry. This whole ordeal made my mouth SO DRY it was insane.

    I looked it up, and my symptoms seemed to be exactly like those of a Bad Trip, or panic attack. The shots of adrenaline and the sudden panic. However, it didn't mention the ten minutes or so of insanity that I experienced.

    While I was reading a guy's story about something similar, I started getting the feeling again, and my heart started racing more. The more I tried to calm myself the worse it got. Don't mean to sound lame, but it felt like a snake constricting me more every time I took a breath. :eek:
    It started happening again, but this time I just went downstairs and it wasn't anywhere near as intense as it was when it started. It came in little waves like that, each one being a bit less intense than the last. I ended up just laying down on my couch in silence (I felt that noise or music seemed to agrivate it). I also felt like I was going to throw up so badly. It took incredible willpower for me to not throw up.
    During this, I decided to flush the gram of weed I had left.
    I still have a firecracker left, though xD

    My friend came over about 2 hours after the whole thing had started and I felt that being around somebody else actually helped a lot.
    I was a lot calmer, and if I ever felt like I was going to start panicking again, I just talked to him.

    Seriously, anyone know what the hell happened to me?
    Did I just take too much weed? I don't see why 2 hits hours after would do much shit.
    It's been like 5 hours since the initial outburst and I'm still really dizzy, but the panic attacks are completely gone (thank you God).

    I'm freaked out to smoke weed ever again, because that was actually the most fucked up thing I've had happen to me so far.
    It was so bad that if there was even a chance of that happening again, I wouldn't want to do it.

    Thanks a lot.
  2. the last time i tripped (7 years ago) i had a really bad one. never had a bad trip until then. i went into it with a bad attitude. 10 minutes into the trip i started gasping for breath and having a panic attack.. ever since that night i would get panic attacks every time i got too high. went to the doctor and he prescribed me lorazapam. i took that every day for a couple years, now i dont get panic attacks.. but to answer your question. no i dont think it was laced... you just had a bad trip
  3. first i will go over the basics.
    eveyone who has a bad trip blames it being laced first.
    i see about 20 posts every month asking has my weed been laced? by new members.
    yes im sure you did have a bad trip but the chances of your weed being laced are very low.

    did you mix it with tobacco is my only question? if not then it was most likely just a bad trip. they happen once in a while early on with certain people. i cannot say for sure it will never happen again, it is up to you what to do from here.

    the effects of drugs differ from person to person
  4. No I didn't mix it.
    What could have caused it?
    Because I went into it with a pretty good attutude I think.
    Like, I was psyced to get stoned.

    And how come I got so crazy baked after just those two hits when I was feeling fine before?
    Anyways, it was really horrible.
  5. dude. you just got really baked and had a panic attack. no biggy.

    i have been smoking for five years, and the first time i got high, i had a panic attack and was running around the house like i was on fire. (true story)
  6. it wasn't laced. you're never going to get laced weed unless you ask for it, or buy your weed from like the sketchiest place on earth. it costs more money to lace it, why would a dealer basically throw away his money? no one gets satisfaction from knowing they totally got some novice stoner fucked up on coke. thats crazy
  7. Did you eat/drink anything? And did you have a hot shower?

    You just had some panic attacks, it happens to a lot of people who are not used to gettin baked. You just need to remember there is nothing to panick about, and your not dying, and that it's all in your mind. Herb will not hurt you, or kill you, or mess your brain up for life.
    Next time put on some music to take your mind off the thoughts racing through your mind..and just relax and enjoy being stoned :bongin:
  8. man it probably was just your first intense high. first time i got stoned my friends made sure i was BAKED AS FUCK. and i was in slowmo and super speed all at once and everything was super bright and i was just staring in wonder at everything. lol you were just stoned out of your mind.
  9. it wasn't laced. I guarantee you will probably be fine people lace weed but the chances of you buying it are slim to none. Like everyone said it was probably just a panic attack. If you're not used to getting high yet don't smoke by yourself till you think you can handle it.
  10. Yeah, I'm sure I just smoked a bit too much weed by myself.
    Like I was so high when I initially sat on my couch to watch TV I was so dizzy I couldn't even stare at the TV. I couldn't focus on one thing for more than a couple of seconds. I was really really fucked up.
    And I think I was just really freaked out by this, so once the panic attack started, there was no going back. I tried telling myself that it was just the high and that it would be fine if I just chilled, but I just kept getting more and more freaked out.

    I'm not going to get that high for a while.

    Those last two hits I took must have made me peak or some shit because it was just like BAM! and I was in another world.

    It's almost 24 hours since and I'm still kind of dizzy and still feel a bit high. And every once in a while I get a mild panic feeling. Is this normal?

    Thanks, guys. :)
  11. Wow never thought such a thing could happen with weed alone. What you experienced seems like a bad trip on shrooms. I had a bad trip on shrooms once and it felt pretty much like what you had described. Just waves of senseless panic overwhelming your body. Luckily I just relaxed and brought myself out of it. I don't think the weed was laced, I mean what can you possibly put in there for that to happen. It was probably just a little too overwhelming for you and your body reacted the way it did.
  12. Yeah, man.
    It felt like waves of panic.
    Like I knew I didn't have anything to be afraid of, but they just kept coming and coming until I was going absolutely insane and running around my house in a senseless frenzy.

    I'm STILL a bit dizzy, though..
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    Don't blame other drugs, this was in fact Marijuana. What you experienced was a panic attack, you should go to your doctor they will perhaps send u to a psychiatrist who can help you treat your anxiety. The panic attack was most likely triggered from the Paranoia common in most infrequent smokers. The rush you described could very well have been an adrenaline rush. I was personally told by a psychiatrist that adrenaline rushes occur during a panic attack. Sorry bro. I personally smoke weed because it stops me from having panic attacks. Guess its not for everyone.
  14. I would have to agree with a few of the people here, music usually seems to calm my nerves if I start to panic. Weed enhances your senses but when you aren't sensing anything and all you are focusing on is your high, it can get a little creepy. So I usually play music and it works like a charm (smooth jazz is the best music to listen to high, check out the song "religify" by euge groove). Any bob marley is good too.
  15. I didn't read your whole post but in the very beginning you say you're not a huge smoker.

    You just got a little too blazed, that's all.

    It is funny though when people get too high they automatically assume the bud was laced.
  16. No, I know it's not laced now.
    I was still pretty fucked up when I typed it.

    And I'm pretty dizzy.
    Can somebody tell me if this is normal for 24 hours later?

    And yeah, clipse I think they were adrenaline rushes because every time after it happened my heart started beating really fast. It wasn't a good feeling at all :(

    Anyone know if I'll have panic attacks when I'm not high because of this?
  17. dude if you had a panic attack because of weed you'll definitely have them again/have probably had them in the past. You may not have experienced one that bad yet because marijuanas paranoia factor played a role, but the feeling that you were going to die definitely goes along with panic disorder. It isn't uncommon to have anxiety, you should really try and treat it. Plus, you might even get xanax or some other benzo!

    Edit: The lingering anxiety you are feeling is completely normal. Usually when I have a panic attack I feel lingering anxiety until I have another one, probably what your feeling because you don't know whats going to happen because it came so unexpectedly.
  18. You just smoked to much. I got that once after a huge session, same experience you had. I was smoking weed that definitely wasn't laced.
  19. Yeah, I've been having some panic attacks since.
    However, these are mild and they never really get going.

    I've found out that I'm really afraid of having a panic attack, and that's what's usually what gets it going.
    For example, I'll just be sitting in total peace and I'll think "man, I'm glad I'm not having a panic attack right now." Then I'll start thinking about it and it goes into a bad circle like that.
    I usually end it pretty soon, though and the worst one today didn't last for more than 20 seconds.

    I'm sure that by the end of the week I'll be perfectly fine.
  20. you just got too baked. I swear I've had the same thing happend to me, and I was a t a friends house. I was able to calm myself by telling myself it's just herb. I had something to drink and just talked to my friend.

    Remember you can't OD from herb, next time you smoke up, smoke up until you're feeling good and if you need to stop, then stop :). Don't force yourself for more. You'll get the same effects.

    If you start to sober up, go for a few more hits. Let yourself know it is just you and you have enough time to sober up etc. Plan out what you're going to do. Watching a movie while baked is very VERY good, so is having a snack or so. Take small tokes, enough to function and not have another meltdown.


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