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Tripped hard on shrooms for the first time.

Discussion in 'General' started by iamfloyd, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. Well I have tripped once, but it was not very intense. Anyways, I was sitting in my room and a guy called about selling me an eighth, and I agreed, and he drove by and dropped them off. I ate them at about 12:30 pm and it was insane. I took them with a couple vitamin c pills, and I smoked a bowl about 30 minutes after I ate them. I chilled in my room the whole time, and I have the spinning globe of colored lights, it was insane. I don't remember much, but I vaugely remember that I had some sort of conversation with God...or a god, and that I remember talking (not outloud, but in my head) to different people that I've never met. It was a pretty sweet journey. It was a great experience, but I tthink the shrooms might have made me sick; I puked a couple times the day after...and my stomach hurts...but it's all good.
  2. Shrooms, w00t. The nausea is worth the good trip. Sorry you feel sick.

  3. So...which was it? Not very intense, or insane?
  4. ah my bad, those are 2 different times....once before i did shrooms, but it was not intense at all. This was my 2nd time.

  5. haha i do that all the time on acid, and then like i'll start mumbling wat i'm saying in my head, haha kinda like in the beginning of fear and loathing, its pretty freaky cuz then i startle myself cuz i heard somebody talk but it was me.

    thats cool u had a good trip though, trippin hard is the shit
  6. oh yeah man shrooms rule, the first time i did them i stared at a lampshade for an hour cos it turned into a pineapple hahahaha
  7. how many of you guys threw up the first time you did shrooms?
  8. I've dont shrooms over 10 times and I've never thrown up from them. Even when I ate a 1/4 and had no drink to wash them down with. I actually like the taste of the stems...I just dislike the caps.

    Shrooms are the shit. I got 5 grams in my room right now. I'm gonna split em with a friend tomorrow and go to the movies. Should be good times.
  9. i am thinking bout trying shrooms and was wondering what should i do in order to get a good trip and not freak out

  10. Just think about how good its gonna be and eat them. Dont think about it too much, if you're hesitant about trying them dot do it. Never have 2nd thoughts about eating the mushrooms.

    By the way, I've done shrooms many times and I've never had a bad trip.
  11. I did shrooms shit. Taste nasty em on a pizza or stuff em with herbs (not the smoking kind) if you want to get fancy. I LOVE the 'MIND TALKS' where you try to think about something but you say it outloud. I had one of those times. Where i was like "I wonder if mom knows im trippin" and she was sitting next to me, she looked over and said "What?"

  12. lmao thats hilarious did ya get out of it? hehe i had this huge thing typed asking if you were Eminem and Shit then i saw the thread about your new avatar lmfaorotf oh well gonna go smoke a bowl
  13. i took 3 grams of shrooms 2 day,and i walked into the tim hortans,this cross eyed dude was working there and his eyes started going round and round then her grew fangs and attacked me,and then i think i broke his arm but i ran out b4 i could see that nuttin happend lol,for my first time i had a good trip haha

  14. Im not hesitant about trying them i just dont know where to get em right now

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