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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by J SiZ, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. I'm getting a box of 20 Triple C pills tomorrow.

    Any advice on them before I do them? Also, share some experiences on them.

  2. [​IMG]

    sorry i just had to.
  3. Get some other product that doesn't contain anything besides DXM.
  4. triple cs usually fuck me up more than regular DXM
  5. To explain my facepalm, you are getting triple c's because you are wanting to robotrip, or trip on the ingredient DXM, if you want to do this safely with a much less risk of getting sick as hell or just straight up fuckin up your organs, you need to purchase a product with the active ingredient listed being ONLY dxm. Like robotussin cough gels.
  6. This is a one time thing, and I understand that it's unhealthy but I'm doing this once to experience it. My friends have done it and haven't gotten sick.

    I've heard of MANY people doing triple c's and not really getting sick. I understand that it can't be that healthy but I don't think it's THAT bad.
  7. I advise you to not even purchase/steal that box of tripple c's because theyre really unhealthy with all the other ingredients they have in em.
  8. ya you might be totally fine after using them ONCE. but why not try to get products with only dxm first?

    ex. robotussin cough gels, delsym syrup

  9. exactly, OP you said that you're getting them tomorrow correct? just get something with only DXM in it. it'll save your body in the long run and you'll probably have a cleaner trip.
  10. not delsym...its sucks shit, it's really weak.
  11. This is all I can get because my friend is getting them for me and I'm pickin them up from him tomorrow.

    Like I said, this is a one time thing. If I want to robo again, I'll just get something with just DXM in it. My friend has tried both and highly recommended Triple C's.

    I'm pretty sure it won't kill me if I do it once.

    Moving on, any cool experiences with robo trips?
  12. This was my first trip on DXM:

    I took like 400 mg of DXM and smoked bud about 20-30 minutes later. At first I only felt the weed, but approximately an hour and a half later, I was feeling really weird. I felt like I was breathing in cold winter air and I felt all tingly. Then I got REALLY fucked up. Super intense euphoria; I was extremely happy, so happy to the point that I was crying from joy. This effect lasted almost the whole first half of my trip, which was about 6 hours.

    I started to feel dissociated during the second half of the trip. I sat down in a chair, and my friend was talking to me, but I could not understand what he was saying. It was really weird, I thought that I didn't know what he was saying but my responses were making sense. And then I was thinking, "What the fuck? I can't control myself, I don't even know what I'm saying." I felt as though my mind and body were separate, and that my mind couldn't control my body's actions. I looked down at my arms and it seemed like they didn't belong to me anymore. Unfortunately since this was the first time I ever tried a dissociative drug, I got really freaked out. I started having a panic attack, thinking "Holy shit am I going insane? I must be. This is what it is like to be insane omg...I'm probably going to die."

    I was expressing these concerns to my friend who reminded me that I was on a drug, but I couldn't understand why that mattered. My thought process was, "So what if I'm on a drug? I'm going fucking insane, the drug will just make it worse FUCK OMG...i'm so fucked!" I was really retarded and fucked up. Eventually, I finally understood that I wasn't going insane, and that it was the drug making me feel like this. But by that time my trip was almost over.
  13. just curious... what did your friend say the advantages were to taking triple C's over normal DXM-only products?
  14. He said it fucked him up more than other dxm things.

  15. hahah sorry but your friend is not smart for "highly recommending triple c's".

    it just doesnt make sense.

    and why do u need someone else to goto the store and buy cough medicine just so u can "pick it up from him".
  16. it's cause i'm grounded and i can't get out of my house besides going to school and he's gunna get them for me and give them to me when i see him tomorrow.

    and he "highly recommended" it because he had a good trip off them and didn't off of other DXM products.
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    His trip was different than other trips because apparently, he likes fucking up his insides. It does nothing for the trip other than possibly make you delirious (in a bad way) and make you puke and/or kill you. Google "Triple C's DXM" and read about it.

    I did it for you because I know you won't do it yourself.
  18. So if I take 16 triple c's it will kill me? I don't think 16 for a one time use will seriously injure my insides.
  19. I'm no expert but I think even that will do some damage, and maybe even make you really sick and throw up. Now, you probably won't die, but that always is a possibility. Just get the DXM-only gels, it's a much cleaner, and safer trip.

    I'm sorry but your friend is retarded.
  20. i took 600mg, and once it was starting to hit me i turned off the lights and crawled into bed. I stared at my ceiling and it looked like i was in space and i was traveling at hyper speed and going passed stars, like some starwars shit. my body felt like it was being held down to my bed and i couldn't sit up. All i remember is smiling and i felt myself black out, the black started turning to white then it went black really quick and i was out, one of the most bizarre feelings i ever felt. Once i woke up i was on the other side of the room with my arm around a trash bin with all throw up in it. I saw my self in the 3rd person, and it felt like i was watching myself on TV. My room seemed like it was massive and it was moving like i was on a boat in a storm. Once i stood up i could barely walk, my whole room was shaking. So i crawled to the bathroom to wash the taste of vomit out of my mouth, and i looked in the mirror.. big mistake. I was looking at my reflection and it was like i was looking at lifeless body, i felt like i was nothing, and that i didn't have a body. Once i managed to crawl back to my bed, i had trouble sleeping and i got a massive itch on the top of my head. I eventually fell asleep and that was the end of the trip. DXM is some crazy shit, the only way to really understand how it feels is to do it,
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