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  1. Hey guys,
    I've done triple c's once.
    I took 10 my first time.
    I had a great time.
    Didn't get sick or anything.

    But i heard they were bad.
    people say get robo cough gels.
    Well My friend was going to get me some, but there is no robo cough gels available.
    I can't smoke weed for the time being so this is why i'm doing it.
    Will doing another 10 this weekend hurt me that bad?

    I'm just worried about my health.
  2. Avoid triple C's, they contain active ingredients other than DXM which may be harmful to your health such as acetaminophen. Just because the gels aren't available, doesn't mean that the cough syrup isn't. Get this:

    Get it at cvs. It's safe because the only active ingredient in it is DXM, containing 15 mg/5 mL. Important note: you have to get the maximum strength kind, the normal robitussin has other active ingredients in it.

  3. That's hard to steal though ;D
  4. I'd say avoid them if u can...but if it's only gonna be a one time thing I don't think doing 10 will really harm you that much...
  5. You are clearly immature. If you are going to partake in a drug, at least take the responsibility to pay for it. I hate people that steal drugs, it's despicable and pathetic. Grow up.

    negative rep.
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    So here's a thought... How about you actually PAY for it. It's drug users like you that give the rest of us a bad name.

    EDIT: And for the record... Discussion of stealing shit is not allowed on GC... So you might want to think about giving our rules a good reading. We take them seriously here.
  7. I cannot agree more. It's dumb kids like you who make everyone think that drugs are bad, and that anyone who uses them are felonious low lives.
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    We cant give dosage advice, but yes ccc's are bad.

    What i usualy use is Zicam Max Spray. it has 394mg DXM in the entire bottle, but the entire bottle is less than a shot (.44 OZ)
  9. There's only 394mg in Zicam Cough Max
  10. Like others have said, fuck CCC's.

    Get some cough gels if you want to dex.

  11. Your right! i was thinking of a box of CCC thanks!
  12. Sure thing. I just got excited because I thought they upped the amount of DXM. But nah, still the same :smoke:
  13. Doing it a couple of times probably won't hurt.

    It's when you get to taking 18-24 pills just to produce the same effects do you run into problems.

    I've done CCC's twice, but never again. I'm not going to ruin my body like that.
  14. when i do triple cs i can only piss like twice a day for the next few days, definitely has an effect on your liver but i still do it a few times a year, id say go for it cause your body can prob repair the damage itself if your only doing it once.
  15. back i the day me and my boys did this like 5 or 6 times...its cool a crazy ass trip...and we used 2 steal em 2...wouldnt do either again though(steal em or do em)
  16. This shouldnt have anything to do with your liver. Perhaps your kidneys, but I think its really more related to your prostrate, considering you cant orgasm on DXM either. (well, its really really hard)
  17. Friends of mine have done em.I havent had any experiences with them though,not sure if I want to either after reading this thread.:laughing:
  18. Very few times that I have tripped on DXM where on preparations other than CCC's. I haven't done DXM in so long because I think I need to give my brain a rest from drugs like that. But like everyone has said opt for DXM-only products. CCC's are not the kiss of death they are made out to be but are a lot more dangerous than the fairly harmless DXM-only products. They do last longer due to both chemicals in them being metabolized by the same liver enzyme. The taste of the candy coating on them makes me cringe, even thinking of that taste makes me sick!

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