tripinon dx,

Discussion in 'General' started by LilWyte2590, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. zo===so i thoiht to go give it a new esperinae,.

    ive tried dx.

    the third platuea sccres me a little but wsa peasnt experimentivehit a eak 3thr and it wa fu,,,,

    i wanna say iddbye to dm=xm because to much will fuk uou up
  2. wow im so glad i can choose what posts to spend time on.
  3. your not at the 3rd plateau.. you wouldnt be typing, especially if your scared


  5. i think he's come down a bit.

    dxm is so much fun. but i spoiled myself i can't trip unless i also smoke weed. the rooms spins really fast and i want to throw up. you see how helpful weed is? i would not have a lot of the beautiful experiences with my mind that i cherish if it hadn't been for ganja.
  6. i hit the 3rd my first time and thought i was dead for 3 hrs your at two my mg/kg was like 12.5 your at 2 seriously
  7. yeah dude i took 600mg of dxm and i couldnt even stand up if you were at third plateau you wouldnt be typing

  8. not necessarily, i been on here postin on 3rd and 4th plateau doses, usually after 1 post on a 4th plateau i say fuck that cuz i'm one of those people who hates having spelling errors like that post, and on 3rd plateaus i can type pretty normally, i believe i posted on here when i overdosed on coricidins, i know i would have died if i wasnt on my computer when i OD'd cuz one of my friends convinced me to go to the hospital cuz i was hellbent on not goin cuz i jus was in the hospital 20 days earlier for a pill OD, haha the internet saves lives
  9. ive only done 3rd plateau once and i dont remember 2 hours of the night.. just remember thinking i was actually braindead at one point
  10. hey screw this post,
    i was fucked up on temapezzam lastenite and dont remember anythin that happened i must have made this post cuz i dont remember makin it
  11. dxmis fucked up shit try it if u want but if u go crazy dojt say i didnt say nuthin

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