triping on weed is scary

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by happydaze, Oct 5, 2002.

  1. i was round my mates house getting nice and high well at this time i thought it would be a good idea to walk home now i live in the sticks so it was half a mile out dark country roads now about half way to my house i thought i could see some one running behind me now i could hear him only just tho anyway every time i looked round this bloke tryed to hide but very poorly but by this time i was very freaked out and i was stuck out here with out another person with in 10 mins so i stared running but for some strang reason spider webs kept on hitting me in the face and i do not like spiders any way by now i was in a proper state and when i got to my front door i looked round and the bloke had gone so i endid up loking every door and window in my house and sitting the like some one on a bad trip

    moral of the storie don't get high and walk about by your self in the countrie

    carry on smoking!
  2. Wow! That sounds really scary.
    Glad to hear you made it home safely. You said you saw the guy hiding, so I'm guessing that you were not hallucinating............or were you?
    Perhaps if you smoke more you will forget all about it, but I would still keep the door locked.
  3. darkness tends to bring all the things that lurk
    in our minds to the forefront

    there was probably nothing

    but that does not mean it wasaent enuff to scare you

    i personaly love walking alone in the sticks at night

    i love all the spookieness of it

    i like being scared and not careing

    i guss being a big guy makes it easyer
    most people dont want to fuck with you
    when you are my size

    but when i was younger the night in the woods would scare me alot ...but for some reason i still liked it!
  4. it wasn't real i know that i was tripping because it was my x games teacher that i saw but that is still a scary thing but its all good another experance
  5. I would have hid in the bush, then ambushed that fool.
    If in fact there was actually someone there of course :)

  6. good advice :D
  7. hi guys im Nic mckee im your basic weirdo i like pot i smoke pot at 420 everyday its is cool i like gettin high it feels cool
    im a redhead and i make no sense sum 1 kill me kill me
    im me sensitivegiant or tenn78titans
  8. i like randomness.
  9. Not that much randomness.
  10. pasta?

    baked potatoe?


    or fries?
  11. Baked potatoe all the way ;)
  12. oh shit yeah, with the sour cream, you cant go wrong. have the craving, and you know how this goes...Ketchup? ..sour cream? hmmm....the intimate details you have to take to the knife with your taste buds...In the long run, you think...but how about now? And what if youre wrong? But youre never wrong...right? So what if you just then have to make the choice, to order BOTH. so there no but. and you do it. so what the HELL then is the problem?!?
  13. No, I've had a couple bad highs, but theyve been pretty scary. Once i was walkin with my brother and a friend to the shopping center, while stoned and i felt like EVERYTHING was screaming at me. NOT just sounds but everything id see. lights, cars, people, everything! it was not cool. I ended up pukin and going to my friends house to sleep. I was so annoyed by it. But none of that shit has happened recently! thank God! I have realized though, that many times it happens to you only because u think about it, seriously! So just dont think about what i just said... sorry.
    I have a condom on my head
    I hate myself and i wanna die
  14. I've tripped off of weed a few times. It's always hydro that does it to me.

    Tripping from weed has never been fun for me. Always scary shit and I end up puking....

    Damn you hydro.... I love you so much, but you're my achilles heel.

  15. no problem madam i will be glad to bring you both

    baked and fried for the lady...

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