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Trip to Amsterdam

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheShadow420, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. You guys probably get this a lot, but due to the situation in Latvia - I'm not much of an expert in strains, and whatnot, we just take what we're given, and I really don't know every little thing about how it works in Amsterdam, although I've read a lot of material on it (the main goal of the trip is not to get high, but to enjoy the city, but I will sure as hell be getting high).
    So I've got the following questions -
    1) Will the THC levels on each strain be provided in the coffee shop menus?
    2) Are there any penalties for riding a bike stoned/high?
    3) What's the regulations on smoking outside - is it allowed when not done near children/crowds, or only allowed inside hotels & coffee shops?
    4) Do they sell replacement for tobacco (some herbs that have no effect & no harms except the obvious burning process bullshit) in any coffee shop for those who feel unsafe with a pure joint & do they sell pre-made roaches or I have to go hunting for carton somewhere?
    5) What's the "average" weather conditions in summer? Does it rain a lot, is it hot, is it humid?
    6) I've heard about the possibility of using vapes in the shops, does it cost, do you need to loan them, do they allow you to vape for free?
    7) Where would I be able to find the best vaporizers & vape pens in Amsterdam for a good price? Yeah, obviously, head shops should have it, but there's not much info on the internet from what I can see, so maybe there's some specific head shop "line" of those that have the best offers & quality?
    8) What's the best average THC content I should look for to get a "taste" of Amsterdam weed (so it all comes in slowly and nicely)? I have no idea of the levels in my home weed, so I don't want to rush in head-first and ruin my first day.
    Would really, really appreciate answers, thanks in advance!

  2. 1, No. Some places do, most do not.
    2. Yes. Don't bother. Everything is within walking distance. Trains are cheap & easy too.
    3. DO NOT smoke partake other than coffee shops, hotels & hostels that allow it. Outside in public is considered bad form and WILL attract the attention of the polite. That you o not want!
    4. Don't know. Coffee shops do sell pre rolled joints. Waste of money though. Bottom of the drawer leftovers.
    5. Sunny mostly. Remember you're on the North Sea so there can be a good amount of rain. A Lite rain jacket will do.
    6. Never noticed them. All the papers & bongs you want, no charge though.
    7. Better quality on line. Only tourist shops (tourist quality) here for the most part.  
    8. Don't worry; it's dank city. Just take your time, enjoy with a coffee or bite to eat. Go slow & enjoy!

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