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Trip on ambien

Discussion in 'General' started by CaliSensiStar, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. what exactly is the best way to trip on them i have 2 10 mgs wana trip tonight after i smoke some headband dipped in hashoil rolled in keif:) love Cali Med MJ
  2. You gotta fight the sleep take two of them and when you start feelin tired smoke a bowl and your your trip will prolly be under way.
  3. Youre just going to fall asleep dude.


    Anywho, don't rail it it hurts like a motherfucker. Just go 10mg's your first time, anything more and I promise you'll get knocked the fuck out. I've had awful sleep problems my whole life so I get prescribed Ambien. I don't really use my scrip for recreational use, but the trip is pretty sweet, really really dream like shit.

    Just make yourself stay up and you'll have a good time. You won't remember most of it tomorrow though, that's the only downside iMO.
  5. You'll think your prolly gonna go to sleep but you start doing things but you wont be exactly know your doin and I never really remember what I do at all when I'm on ambien. I was trippin on 2 10 mg's and drank sum beers and i stuck my hand in my friends fish tank and started trying to catch fish with my hands, then i went outside took off my shirt and did a snow angel, but I dont recall most of the trip, people just told me about it the next day.
  6. Okay, I was prescribed 10mgs back during the summer, back then I had never smoked weed but I had used a good about of benzos. I remember that the ambien completely fucked me up, and i'd talk to my friends in Ventrilo and they usually had no idea what the hell I was talking about, but they had a cool time listening and laughing. I remember they never made me tired and I just had a damned good time. I JUST got 7 free CRs, took 1 last night, and passed out. But I do have a script for normal ambiens and I can't wait. Especially because next weekend i'm trying going to try and take 4, and a couple red bull and vodkas. So I can't wait to be super fucked up on ambien again.
  7. lol, you can't "trip" on Ambien. It's not a psychedelic bro.

    Surely you can get high on it though. I don't really fuck wit anythang but opiates n thizzles when it comes to pills. I mean, I have before, and still do sometimes, but I only hold key info on thizz and opiates :p

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