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  1. I have a pc scrog grow it all looks really cool, its got one big bud at the top and then 13 little ones with one more coming in right at the soil. My question is should I trim some of the bigger leaves to make light get to the bud? Some of the bigger leaves are starting to yellow on the ends to but everything really looks really good. There is probably only like 5 big leaves.
  2. I've seen this topic discussed quite a bit, some say chop the leaves that are shading any lower bud sites and I've seen some people say leave the leaves because they are important for the plants health, photosynthesis etc. What I do is cut the leaves only when I deem them to be using more energy than producing ie; yellowing or dead leaves. The plant needs them, so unless they are dead or dying I leave them. But in your case it might be beneficial to cut a few so your lower budsites can get some extra light. Just don't go nuts.
  3. ok im going cutting then
  4. Cut half of of the leaves off at a time, if that makes sense. You do not want to throw your girl into shock.
  5. I have no idea where my post posted to. I just cut three, 2 in the way 1 half way dead. I am really scared about shocking it into a tranny.
  6. I doubt cutting a few leaves will hermi your plant. It does have the potential to stunt the growth for a week or so though...

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