Trimming/lollipop 4th week of Veg

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  1. Before and after.

    Any thoughts/suggestions? IMG_20190626_163632.jpg

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  2. Looks ok.
    Welcome to GC. :)
    4a - Lollipop.JPG
  3. Thanks Mick! That looks incredible.
  4. You should try to get closer to the stalk. I just use my hands and cleanly snap off most leaves and only use shears for little shoots that won’t reach the canopy. If I have anything sticking out like that I’ll shave it flush with a fresh razor. open plant flesh exposed to air has the potential to lead to nasty things. It shouldn’t be much of an issue but sometimes extreme things can happen.

    But that’s a decent start

    Today I just watched a video on a technique of defoliation trimming called “schwazzing” it’s been coined and is being promoted by this guy selling a $300 book called 3 a light and idk what to think. it seems like an advertisement for nutrients and an expensive book. And this trimming style is actually so extreme it’s scary.

    But that’s definitely what lollipoped plants look like.

    NoNute’s Indoor no till stealth spare room part 1; Cheapskate Portuguese pot farming
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