Trimming in the Forrest!!!????

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  1. Mine are so bushy I don't know where to begin???! 27 serious seeds white russian. They are well into bloom about 15 days with buds forming but they are so over crowded but even the lower leaves are mostly green and ok so thinking about getting on my back under them and removine all the tiny limbs, not fans up top but any small limbs that I can see won't go up and won't do any good for the buds. My question is so many leaves up high I hate to start chopping them off. I have seen a forest of out door plants, they are so crowded just like trees. They block out even the sun for the under growth but seem to still make big top colas.. So not sure if the leaves on one plant that might be blocking another plant should go or be tucked or what... I hate cutting healthy plants up..... do fan leaves on lets say one branch that you cut off the growing tip feed any more than just that branch or do they feed the rest of he plant as well...?? Did that make sense? Two branches, take off bud on one leave fans on whats left, will that feed the other branch or just be worthless so to speak... Thanks.
  2. That's a damn good question. Just to be sure, are you asking if a leaf on a given branch will provide glucose to other branches/parts of the plant? If so, the answer is yes, leaves are responsible for providing glucose to the entire plant, including the roots. When a leaf goes though photosynthesis, the glucose that is created is transported throughout the plant in it's vascular bundles and do not directly localize around each particular leaf.

    Pruning the tiny chutes from the bottom of the plant could potentially increase the size of the tops by providing more energy to that part of the plant. Also, selectively clipping leaves that either block light or airflow from the lower portions of the plant can be greatly beneficial as well to ensure proper ripening of those lower flowers.
  3. I have to agree with drtrich! I have seen a lot of discussion on this topic. Personally, I remove large fans during flowering if they're impeding light penetration. But I also scrog, and I've heard the rules for trimming are different with different grow methods. I would trim a few and decide for yourself. Thats the best way. Find out what is right for you and works best for you! Happy Harvesting!
  4. supercrop man! itll shoot the lower shoots up more even during flowering
    pinch the stem until it pops above the node you want to grow then GENTLY bend it over the plant will repair itself back up n within a few days the branchs underneath will have noticeable growth
  5. i got a purple kush that looks like a little dome i topped it then supercropped in 2 spots the bottom shoots are as tall as the top ones now =D

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