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  1. I have a simple question. Should you trim fan leaves durinf Veg and Pre Flowering...?
        Also the main fan leaves below the shoots or bud producing nodes on the stem??   "if they are not yellow or dying"   I have heard this helps new growth at the top of the the colas!?!?

  2. some people are for it and others against it. i would say just try and tuck it out of the way but if you really want to it probably wont hurt it.
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    You can get some amazing result
    If you do it right

    I can get better results doing this than any other way of training
    I can get 15+ main tops by doing this and a little lst
    but don't talk about it much
    Most growers don't want to know
  4. Indoors I always remove fans that are blocking bud sites.
    Outdoors it doesn't seem to be a problem. The big ball in the sky has some serious penetrative power!
  5. It's not a universal thing, some strains are thicker in the canopy than others, while others form large exposed colas, some lights penetrate further than others, training is another variable, these are conditions that might change the gameplan. I wouldn't defoliate a strain that has good exposure during flower.
    Lolipopping is different from thinning out the canopy. With this method, you're removing the underexposed buds and leaves from the bottom of the plant, instead of trying to get more light to them. Whether or not that will help you depends on your strain and growing methods. Prefer training over chopping myself, but I'll defoliate if it's needed.
    It's really not a simple question, considering all the variables that can affect the outcome. I'd say stick with LST until you have enough experience to answer that question for yourself.
  6. Hello!

    i was reading on trimming and lst, and your post caught my attention!
    Is it possible to write up a little guide on how you did your LST and trimming? iv got a girl that iv just started LSTing but not sure if its ok, and 4 others that are just into flowering.
  7.      I ruined an entire crop defoliating.
    Unless its dead... I "Just Say No'  to defoliating!
                               Thank you...
                                        Mr. X...
  8. Fan leaves transfer sugar energy from the sun or light to help produce bud growth. I just trim the bottom water leaves. I always leave my fan leaves on during flowering. Good luck!
  9. A little bonsai, for me at least, is a good thing. Its giving me some nice results.

    Take a peak,-Round-#2#entry18148508

    I could do a guide on lst and trimming but feel it will not be any help at point of the grow, as I train my plants early in veg
    but if you have a link to your grow or you start one, I am sure I will be able to help after seen your plants and knowing more about your setup
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    Sorry about your plants but with the right information and understanding of how the plants grow, you would never kill a plant from removing a few fan leaves
    Thinking about It I don't know how you could kill a plant from defoliating as I have cut a 4ft plant down to 6" and trimmed the roots to go from a 10ltr pot down to a 5ltr pot,  too keep as a mother plant and after adding some fresh soil for the roots and a good water the plant looked great a few days later
    as long as you get the basic stuff right (temps, light, watering, ph ) you can play with your plants and they will not die
  12. Just look up low stress training and scrog (type of low stress training). I wish Jorge had done that video indoors, because if you asked him if it's ok to trim the indoor fan leaves, he would tell you not to trim leaves no matter the light source.
  13. do you base every point on what you think jorge would say or are you a grower and have your own views
    The thing is I have been growing weed indoors for many years and with a lot of try and error I have found the best way that works for me indoors under 600w hps in dirt and the yields are high with lots of organic dank bud
  14.  Hello!

    ok here  are the photos. I got 5 ladies under a 400W hps, in bio soil from a supermarket, each has approximately 7L of soil. this is week 2 of flowering. Just started with a blooming nuterient aswell, the small 1 is very slow as you will notice. I have already started some LST on it, its still in veg. They have been 20/4 until 2 days ago where i put them into 18/4 cycle.


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    Well, I don't base all my points on any one person, It's just that we are in the Absolute Beginners Forum , and Jorge can answer basic questions as well as anyone. I felt this video mirrored my thoughts and was a good media to get the point across to a new grower.
    No one wants to grow for a minimum yield, I would hope that every grower wants to get the most from his plant.
    It is not hard to find my personal results and ideas about indoor growing (Google the word bubble bucket). I do have some of my own thoughts, but he made a real nice easy to watch video.
    Peace, R.
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     Your plants look like they are doing fine. I would get a screen on them to train the tops to grow at an even rate. This way all the bud will get an even amount of light and you can keep your lamp at the same distance from all your pots.
    This is a single plant harvest from my grow closet. 75 Days from rooted clone to harvest.
    on the first picture where you have the top of the plant, there is two large fan leaves blocking light to the two nodes
    I would pinch off the two large fan leaves, this will speed the growth of the two nodes and slow the main node a little
    so in a week you should have 3 nodes/bud sites all the same hight that plant
    on the second picture you have the same thing on the bottom right plant as the 2 larger fan leaves (not the top fan leaves)
    are blocking light to the two lower nodes so i would pinch them off and any other top fan leaves blocking light to the lower nodes
    but I would not remove any more than 2 fan leaves off each plant at this point in flower
    just one other thing, the leaves are dropping a little as if there been underwater or somthing not too sure, you may need to keep an eye on this.
    you have made a fair point but do you grow in soil ?
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     Most of us started in soil. I grew in Vic's Super Soil for years with great results. I install soil based grow rooms all the time. It is a simple method that can give a new grower (or old timer) results the first time in. The media you grow in won't make a difference when it come to removing important parts of the plant.
    LokiFurian, listen to Jorge and keep your fan leaves on. Taking off your leaves will not help at all. The leaves you don't need will yellow and dry out on their own.

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