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  1. Hey guys,

    First timer grower here and I'm looking for some advice on how much I should be trimming and need a little info on training them.

    Strain is cactus jack. Vegged for for about 12 weeks (main room was not set up at the time). Currently 1.5 weeks into flower. They're about 4ft tall.

    So my main concerns are how much I should be trimming and where specifically is it best to concentrate the trimming. I'm currently taking big fan leaves of that are covering any buds sites that are creeping up as well as any bits of tat at the bottom.

    Also I have a feeling they're going to end up growing past my lights (even after I higher them). So if they do end up getting too close to the lights do I just tie them down so it bends the arm? Does this not break or damage it?


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  2. Many ways to carve this. I like to make buds the star. I like to have jars that look like dispensary jars. I have mostly removed fan leaves as I try for "big buds" I trim (and save and make butter from trim) and when I get tired I rededicate myself to the job. Harvest is not a chore but a privilege.
    I store in quart mason jars (wide mouth) and pop top every day for 3 weeks and once a week after that. Try not to consume too much before 3 weeks so chlorophyll can dissipate. That is when strain shows true colors. I have had 4 year old jars in rotation that taste so dank, oaken and buttery that they drive folks crazy.
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  3. Just got this off a m8 and just wondering wat to do with it lol its 2 and a hafe weeks

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