trim wet or try dry?

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    Hi, im just wondering if trimming wet will lower the smell of the bud. And which way would make the bud look better? CAM00415.jpg wet trimmed CAM00418.jpg dry trimmed

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  2. i trim the bigger stuff of wet. anything without frost gets cut..until i get tired. then i just hold them sideways and give them a "haircut" of all the leaves and smaller leaf tips.
    dry i use smaller trimmers and try to take off the tiny leaves and any other tips. its not really necessary, i just prefer it that way
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    trimming wet dose it make the bud have a grassy smell to it? My friends og, they said to dry it with all the leafs for 3 to 4 days untill it feels crispy and then throw it in a storage bin for a couple days opening back and forth to check if it starting to get a little wet then trim it, i dont know how but theirs is the loudest bud then the rest .
  4. all my bud smells when i trim wet or dry. ive had nothing but compliments on the smell and taste of the bud but not sure if that is from when i trim. i think its cleaner to trim wet since leaf isnt flying around everywhere. 
    either way your buds look good. what strain is it? or do you know...
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    dry trim or nothing!
    like darren said, you gotta do a rough trim of all water leaves that doesnt have trichomes before hanging so it doesnt end up in your trim
    What gives bud a grassy smell is drying it too I guess your friends bud would probably dry slower with all the fan leaves still intact?
  7. when wet trimming you're also cutting open a bunch of wet material and spreading chlorophyll all over your nugs, I think thats what will give it that grassy taste too
  8. i wet trim my buds and they dont taste like grass. they have a nice piney taste like the strain guide said it would. 
  9. the first strain is new york desial, second one is bubba.cant really see the thc becuase of the pistills.
  10. Do you dry it as a whole plant or cut off branches? My next run I want to dry it whole, right-side up, so it will be easier to trim.
  11. I cut mine into larger branches and hung them. I had a smaller plant in a 10gal pot that I just hung whole, my others were too large to do that
  12. Trim wet.. Trim close.. Control how fast it dries by limiting the exposure to outside air.. To fast a dry will bring on the mowed lawn smell..
    Don't overdry as that is just as bad as to fast.. 62% is your finished humidity and just so happens to match the Boveda humidity packs for herbal medicine storage.. Fancy that.. Drying weed is like cooking steak.. You can't uncook steak and you can't undry over dried cannabis..

    My Holy Grail of dry and cure..

    one of the better threads on curing..
    Bagged and tucked in for the night.. I'll keep dropping the time out during the day as things get drier down to just an hour or so at the end of a week.. What we are trying to do is equal the 777 of drying.. 7 days @ 70 degs and 70% humidity.. The wife won't let me hang weed in the living room so I had to come up with a slightly different approach..
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    Wet or dry trim makes no differences as long as you cure it well. I use a trim reaper which fully trims everything wet. Dries in as little as 3 days because of no stem or leaves. With a decent cure time the fast dry harshness goes away and you cant tell a difference. Another benefit to wet trimming is alergies, dry trimming makes me a blubbering mess.

    Edit to add that you can undry over dried weed. Just put a leaf or even a piece of bread in the jar with it overnight. I like mine bone dry for long term storage, i use the leaf/bread to refresh my current smoke all the time.
  14. Dry is messy and a lot more work. wet is the lazy man's manicure, be wetro-sexual!
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    Cannabis dried below 55% will not cure from that point on.. Correctly dried to 62% then stored with a humidity pack, storage of a year or more just results in an ever smoother smoke.. My 2 cents..

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