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  1. Well, being a huge pothead I have always wanted to do shrooms. And a couple days ago I stumbled upon a trustworthy shrooms connect and told some of my homies...

    We immediately got the money together, it was $40 for an eighth but our dude kept claiming they were high quality shrooms and we were not disappointed!

    We all went to my friends, but an unexpected guest stopped everyone from being able to come in.. So me and 2 of my friends ate the shrooms, I had about 2 small whole ones and a cap...

    We parted ways and I went to smoke with my other friend and I told them we would definately chill later..

    They call me later and I head over to there house..

    Trippin like crazy..

    I get up to my friends and we smoke .. a lot.

    2 bowls, a blunt and several massive gb's..

    Trippin and blazed I head back over to my friends later on that night and finally the shrooms begin to wear off and I began my odyssey to the shores of ithaca

    I didn't trip extremely hard because I didnt eat very much of them, but I definately felt them and with all the weed I smoked ..God it was awesome.

    I was expecting to see shit floating and what not but I really felt like I was in another dimension, a dream or in a cartoon..
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    I've been planning on doing shoorms for awhile, a buddy of mine says he can get them for $25 an eighth. But then i came down with the strep throat AND bronchitis so im probably going to wait till im not sick and can actually smoke without coughing up half a lung.

    You should try doing more next time, I was planning on starting at 2g for my first time and take the rest (1.5g) after an hour or 2 if i want to trip more.
  3. Yeah shrooms can be alot of fun. This belongs in Pandora's box though, for future reference.
  4. You didn't take the full 1/8? That's a shame...:D

  5. just some advice man, 2gs of good or even decent shrooms will have you tripping for like 5 to 7 hours so forget the hour or two thing (it takes almost an hour for them to kick in anyway) just eat the whole 8th or split it with a good friend cause I always find tripping with someone is alot better than tripping alone
  6. I may be picking some up tonight, but I was wondering how I can tell they're legit? I'm sure this guy im going to has magic shrooms, but I wanna be sure so I don't keel over and die with my friends. Is there a way to tell for sure?
  7. Blue/blackish bruising on the gills.. I really dont know much about them I wouldnt have bought them but this was from someone I was sure could get me them legit.

  8. if they're wet then don't buy, legit shroomies should be dry and sort of shriveled, other than that real shrooms have long whitish stems and small brownish caps

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