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  1. Hi. My current OS is ubuntu 10.04. I have tried numerous unix systems and to say the least, I am just sick of linux in general. I want to go back to windows. My laptop was shipped with vista basic installed so thats what I have a cd for, but when I try to reinstall it I get an error saying that:
    1. I can't format my partitions or create new ones.
    2. I can't overwrite any of my partitions.

    So basically I can't get vista back on my system.

    I would REALLY prefer to go to windows xp, but I don't have a disc for it.

    Can anyone help me out here? And I don't know if this is allowed on these forums or not but if it is could someone please direct me to a legit windows xp download? not a corrupted/infected one.
  2. Try running a live distro, then formatting your drive from there.
  3. Thats what I have been doing...sorry if I was unclear.

    I boot from my vista cd and when it gets to the part where I select a partition to install on I encounter the error I described in my first post.
  4. That is different than what he was saying. He was saying to format the drive BEFORE booting to the Windows disc. You seem to be saying that you are unable to format using the Windows disc.
  5. You have to delete the partion and create a new one. windows can't use the same filesystem as linux.

    should be able to do all of that with the windows disk.

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