Tricks to bug out friends?

Discussion in 'General' started by KushSmokaa, May 9, 2011.

  1. my 1 friend doesnt smoke often and is funny to fuck with, we did the box trick where u act like hes in the box then everyone just mouths words and he was just laughing and having a blast.

    then we started screaming ew at him like acting like there was something on him and he straight flipped.

    were not even beings dicks, just joking with him.

    but i want more tricks to bug people out.

    lemme know what you guys do to fuck with your friends, i dont pull any cop shit cuz thats going a little farther then just joking around.
  2. Mix some saliva in with weed and give him first hit lol, or just tell him the weed has something in it.
  3. Damn I hate people like you. Trying to ruin people's high and bug em out.
  4. I get the fun in it. As long as you don't draw it out for a long time, and it really is just a joking thing between friends.
  5. get health insurance. figure out what your deductible is and somehow save up that amount of money.
    smoke some pot in front of your friend *DON'T LET HIM SMOKE IT!!!* and then literally go crazy. say you're god, scream, yell, write on the walls, pee your pants etc. convince him to drive you to the hospital. you can't legally have someone else "check you in", so don't "willingly" do it but at some point (if you're acting is up to par) they'll threaten you with the "authorities". you wanna go to the hospital, not jail, so just do what it takes to get into the psych unit.

    once you're in they'll keep you there until you stop acting crazy. you'll have to take the drugs they give you, and do everything they say, but as long as you're not a danger to yourself or others they'll let you out after awhile. usually there is a voluntary release waiver you can sign, but you may need a witness when you sign it, a nurse will do. refuse any visitors. this is key. especially refuse your friend you like to fuck with. once you're out, give him a call and ask him to pick you up.

    at this point, he'll probably ask you "WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED????!!!!!"

    and then just say..... "Dude, that was some bomb ass weed."

  6. you kids need some hobbies

  7. Wtf...
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    Funniest shit in all the lands
  9. yeah, that's probably what he'll think.

    or instead of saying it was bomb ass weed, he could say "dude, i think it was laced with cocaine, mushrooms, acid, mdma, K2, asdf, cough syrup, oxycontin, tin foil, and a marinol, i don't think you or anyone else on the planet should consume cannabis EVER!"

    as long as he has the right insurance and enough to cover the deductible, it will work perfectly :cool:
  10. i once told my freind to meet me at the park to blaze, i put on a clown wig and a paintball mask and hid in the woods at the park and jumped out with a big stick and freaked the fuck outa him. then we blazed and he said the adrenaline felt really cool while high, ill have to test that theory somehow.

  11. I actually LOL'd haha
  12. @KushSmokaa: I agree with aKidYouWanaKnow, don't draw it out too long. That being said, things that I normally become victim to:
    -Have a conversation with your friends and keep repeating the same thing, like time is repeating itself.
    -Squirt ketchup on his skin without him noticing and ask him why he's bleeding.
    -Send him to get something that's not there. "Go grab the chips." When he comes back and can't find it, tell him somewhere to check. "It's in the closet." When he comes back, tell him a different spot. "Try the drawer." See how long it goes.
    -Talk like you just killed a hooker and need to figure out what to do with the body. Make sure there's a sense of urgency in your voice.
    -Have everyone talk in a distorted voice, but act like nothing's wrong.
    -Grab his knee and tell him your gay.

    Not tremendously funny. But kinda goodish.

    ssblind's idea about mixing the salvia COULD be hilarious, but I wouldn't do it. Salvia could be scary. Like really scary. It was for me at least.

    @papageorgio: Fucking. Hilarious.
  13. One time i was driving with my brother and his friend after smoking 2 fat blunts, and he ran over a trash bag. We somehow convinced him he ran over a kid on a tricycle.

    he was spazzing out "Dude dont even fuck with me! Are you serious? We gotta go back dude."

    Kinda fucked up but it was a lil funny
  14. hahaha i literally just LOL till i started coughing. thats some funny shit
  15. True story. He never smokes weed so he was bugging that day.
  16. me and 3 of my best friends finally got one of our other friends to smoke for his first time with us, 2 eighths of chronic later and he was blasted and lost his backpack, so we all tried to convince him he had eaten it. he would be like
    "guys wheres my backpack i cant find it"
    and all of us would turn to him with the most serious faces and told him "dude you ate your backpack, dont you remember?"
    he believed us as soon as we said it and started to lose his shit lol he kept asking why, why he ate it and we just said we didnt know which made him even more worried lol
    then we started to feel bad and decided to tell him he was wearing it the whole time and he was the happiest little kid youve ever seen lmao
  17. looooooooool thats fuckin awesome
  18. Just stare at him like this -

  19. haha anyone have any other like tricks, i mean something similar like the game where u mouth words, or things to just trick them.

    and to all the people who said im a dick, i clearly said this is for fun we all joke aorund and doesnt ruin anyones high.

    with that said, anyone have anything else?
  20. i lol'd and i shot pina colada out of my nose...
    thats hilarious man

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