trichs ready yet?

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    yesterday i had some other pics, but the trichs looked very clear and in this one, you can see the milky colour, and one trich with a redish brown cap, there are alot like that, and most have a very subtle golden milky color. the hairs are turning red, but ide say its half and half for hairs. so hope maybe we can get a confirmed date for harvest, what do you think.

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  2. how long have they been flowering and what strain is it
  3. If there's a lot of those ones where you say it has a "reddish brown" cap then yeah, it's probably the best time to cut it down. Search around a bit, there's some threads on trichs. Generally from my understanding, milky trichs give more of a clear motivated high while the amber color you can see gives you the "high stoned" feeling. I prefer the latter.
    Hope that helps.
  4. Yes that does, i will look at the leaves around the cola to see the trichs under the microscope

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