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  1. Hi all,
    How long do Trichomes take to change from clear to Amber?
    Sorry if this has been answered before. To burned to be searching through treads.
    My 3 bitches will hit 8 weeks flowering this Friday.
    I have a scope x40 and I've been checking and they are all very clear.
    Any help greatly received.
  2. they turn milky before they turn amber. the milky ones are the ones that fluoresce in direct light. ahhh:yummy: but yea man pick your buds when the trichomes on them are tall and the heads are swollen. you dont want alot of amber trichs, just the first few you see harvest asap. youll still get the couchlock high.
  3. Thanks on reply. So what would you say 30% Amber 70% cloudy?
  4. Plus how long do they take to get cloudy?
  5. depends on the plant. Also, I would recommend not judging how ready a plant is from the color of the trichomes alone.
  6. why? thats what gets you stoned. if he waits any longer after they turn amber it wont be as good of a smoke.

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