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  1. Greetings. Checking Trichomes with a x40 microscope. Northern Lights autoflower. They look 'dark'. I don't know if they've gone too far, or not developed enough. Are they purely clear when they first develop? I don't have a way to take pics on the scope, it's el cheapo. :(

  2. The NL auto's are 12 weeks old from seed. I estimate about 6 weeks into flowering. At the beginning, I didn't know I had auto's and just thought they were showing me their sexiness. :)

  3. Oh, lastly, I'm getting some yellowing on the leaves (the overall leaf) on a couple of the plants now.
  4. When trichomes show they are crystal clear, when they go cloudy they arnt clear anymore somewhat milky and when its amber its just not clear or milky anymore, its brownish. (life cycle, clear, milky to amber)

    Yellowing happens towards the end of its life or if your not using enough nutrients.

    If your trichomes arnt clear, and they arnt whitish than theyve gone amber :)
  5. You want to harvest when the trichromes are between 20-50% amber
    20-35% is normally idea; though anywhere in that range is in peak of flowering. If your getting mostly all amber you've let it flower to long. You should have about a week within peak conditions to decide when to harvest. The amber is the the trichomes starting to desenegrate. The lower % of amber the more head high; the higher the % the more 'couchlocking' it'll be. You've got a few weeks yet to go. Goodluck with your harvest.
  6. 90% cloudy/10% amber and you can chop.

    Wait if there are still clear trichs.

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