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  1. Can the trichomes be seen with the naked eye well enough to tell how amber they are? Where can I buy a jewelers loop?
  2. Depends how good your eyes are :)

    I can pretty much detect the color, shade and the cloudiness of individual trichomes, but I apparently have very good vision, in spite of some eye irritation issues related to my condition.

    If your eyes are average, vision-wise, a simple dollar store magnifying glass can do the trick, but if you want that nice, clean, closeup or zoomed-in image, and decent lighting, then check out RadioShack.... they have a decent $10 - $12 lighted 60x - 100x microscope. I had one maybe ten years ago, and loved it!

    They also carry a few more expensive, and a few cheaper options... like pricey loupes, and five dollar 3-lense magnifiers.
  3. ya i ordered my 45x mini microscope on feabay for 3.89 2 led..does great
  4. I would just purchase a 30x or 60x magnifier.

    Once you get the hang of it, you may be able to just tell when your ready to harvest.

    But to be safe I would purchase a magnifier. Here's one on Amazon for cheap:SE 30X Illuminated Jewelers Loupe : Toys & Games :

    Most growers chop when 90% of the trichs are cloudy, and 10% amber.
  5. my vision is excellent but I think I will go with the radio shack microscope. just ripped out a male today. i've got one plant left. if it is worth making hash out of a male should i cure it first? thank guys.

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