Trichomes opinions please.

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  1. I post at 4 days ago pict of my plants. And today i am back whit some micro picts to get more opinions. Sorry for the bad quality but i try my best and i hope some one can help me.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. I found this somewhere hope it helps IMG_4253.JPG
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  3. Looks very ready..maybe about 35%+ Amber??
    Chop Chop 2.gif
  4. Yes i would say 35% on micro but look who they look.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  5. Are you looking at the trichs on the sugar leaves or the actual buds? I only have one harvest under my belt, but I notices the sugar leaves had amber like 2-3 weeks before the buds did

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  6. I see what you mean..BUT there are a load of conflicting signals I can see. 1) 35% amber..2) lots of new white pistils..3)YELLOWING SUGAR LEAVES!!! She is going south fast!!..Maybe a deficiency..or did you flush?
    Confusing plant you have:(
    Problem I see is that is the yellowing spreads to the buds..Ugggh
  7. I did not flush yet. What you guys thinl to flush today and harvest sunday?? Or will be to late?

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  8. Its too early i think. How many weeks flower is it? Whats the strain? looks like its got at LEAST 2 maybe up to 4 weeks mine looked like that i let it go longer n the buds fattened up the hairs were 50% red/orange what the thrics like on the actual buds? Looks like it needs a few weeks longer ngl

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  9. Too early
  10. I think 7/8 but i am not sure that why i am posting picts and asking for help.

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  11. [​IMG] my kush at 7 weeks i let her go 3 weeks longer. You wanna look at the overall apperance not jist thrics i learnt this the hard way first grow the kush is my second harvest heres the same cola before chop
    [​IMG] was supposed to be a 6-7 weeker never is. Ive got some purple diesel too 10 weeks today shes close but not close enough she was supposed to be an 8 weeker
    Let it go a few more weeks watch those calyxes/buds fatten up trust me. And good luck
  12. Ok ty them i will let more too weeks and i will keep you guys updated. I am a first grower and i am a litle hurry about the harvest

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  13. Yeah these girls need time weather we like it or not keep her updated still i think you got a good few weeks longer ngl

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  14. Don't ever hurry when it comes to harvesting that will always end in failure. Growing is a hobby of patience. Something you're going to have to learn. Breeders times will never apply to your grow.
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  15. Id let it go longer ..the pistils still look like they have longer to go despite the trichomes.

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  16. What you guys think?? I been 2 weeks since last post. Can some one tell me if i have to wait more weeks or i flush to chop next week? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  17. Flush tomorow?

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