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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by unknowngrower58, May 11, 2011.

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    Please be very aware of what has transpired over the last few weeks with Trichome Kings. It seems TK1 has once agaqin walked away with alot of people's money; growers and breeders alike. Now it seems the site is under investigation by law enforcement officials.

    This was just recently posted on Best Seed Banks site:
    Trichome Kings

    It has come to the attention of Best Seed Bank that Trichome Kings are under investigation by Law enforcement, until things become clearer I would advise against visiting the forum or seed bank until further notice.

    Anyone with further information contact me directly using the contact form or post up the info in the shark tank.

    Billy Whizz (Best Seed Bank Admin)

    Please be aware. Anyone who has done business with them, and/or has open orders through them should be very careful of making any contact with them. LEO are well known for leading ongoing investigations to carry out more arrest. This could also easily become a Federal investigation. Lets be safe people.
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    TRICHOME KINGS BUSTED....THEY were much more than scams. It was a fed/dea run seed bank.

    Have you real growers ever wondered why your plants are hermie's from most of these new U.S. breeders?.

    I think chuckthapollen at RiU has a valid point. He might not be accurate with some of his accusations but if you look at his thread and think about it it makes sense. This information doesn't need to be swept under the carpet any longer. A lie can only last so long.
  3. Old news.
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