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[Trichome Heaven] Strain: Super Jack (Super Silver Haze X Jack Herer) ***REVIEW***

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by CaliKushSmoker, Feb 17, 2011.

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    ok so I decided to stop having one thread with all my pics and to do individual threads for strains with reviews. this is my first one so tell me how I did

    Name: Super Jack

    Genetics: Super Silver Haze(25% Skunk, 25% Northern Lights, 50% Haze) X Jack Herer (pretty unknown)

    Grade: A+, even though it is super pricey its 100% worth it

    Price: $55 an eighth

    Smell: That super spicey jack smell that takes your breathe away when you inhale it through
    your nose, amazingly noticeable and unique.

    Looks: WOW!!! All those trichomes and crazy orange hairs are quite intimidating before you even begin to medicate.

    Taste: Pretty much exactly how it smells. That spicy smell continues down your throat and gives you a very unique flavor that has a tangy/hashy aftertaste.

    Buzz Type: Extremely racey high that makes you want to run a marathon.......literally

    Buzz Length: One bowl will have you going for around 3 hours no joke.....and I have a high tolerance. EXTREMELY POTENT

    Overall: It is and continues to be one of my favorite strains out of all of them, anything with Jack Herer instantly becomes one of my top picks.

  2. damn dude that looks delicious hahaha +rep
  3. I fucking love Jack Herer, one of my favourite strains .. that looks DANK as fuck man!
    +rep for picking up such solid stuff!
    This looks ridiculous!
  4. looks very nice
  5. thx for making me jiz man...
  6. #6 ohioan, Feb 18, 2011
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    but seriously man, that looks like the dopest dope i've never smoked

    edit: excellent review, too. 55 an eighth sounds like an unbelievable price for the specs you gave.
  7. shit man that looks awesome. I've wanted to try super silver for a long time and my dealer hit me up this morning and he's giving me 4 grams for $60. not too bad for the normal prices around here. anyways, jack herer is an awesome strain have fun with that bud looks so dank
  8. Love both of these strains separately; can't imagine the cross. Jack for the most part is an awesome strain for crossing. Another funny thing is that Jack is actually a cross of the same 3 strains (NL#5, Skunk #1, Haze), but like the dominate male cross is the NL#5 (I believe) instead of the Haze in the Super Silver Haze so it would make it more like (25% Haze 25% Skunk and 50% NL#5). Crazy how much of a difference something like that can make in terms of the same strains... really gotta give props to the breeders and genetics people out there haha. Anyways, stay high and enjoy that smoke bro :smoke:
  9. thanks bro, the feedbacks much appreciated +rep
  10. DANK, wish i could get my hands on some dat :p
  11. hahahaha...........my work here is done lol
  12. Excellent looking flowers!
  13. Super Silver is definitely one of my favorite strains as far as aesthetics, that cross you have looks amazing for sure so crystally and good, makes you feel warm and toasty inside looking at it.
  14. Gotta love the genetics

    dankkkk :D
  15. Thanks jackass now I have to find it clean pair of jeans ;)
    Haha dank ass buds dude.
  16. haha we have number 2 for admitting jizzing their pants
    do i hear 3??? hahaha
  17. smoking it is beyond comprehendable
  18. so sad i dont have any of this left :( gonna need to go pick some more up
  19. For some reason that first picture reminded me of some God's Gift I got in December:


    Great threads you got though man, quality, quality, quality!
  20. Looks identical to the super jack i got, plus lots more crystals. nice bud dude

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