trichome fiend's zero veg minifarm!

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    Hello all!
    ...atm, I'm only running 3x 600 watt HPS aircooled, with co2 enrichment. Ebb and flow, using the Lucas formula (GH Micro, Bloom)....I flower straight from clones, zero veg (Al B. Fuct style) ...I'll be adding 3 more 600's as soon as my cuttings begin to root.

    ....Here's some pics of my previous grows :smoke:

    ...questions/comments welcome! :smoke:



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  2. barney's farm, blue cheese

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  3. greenhouse seed's, trainwreck


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  4. Nice buds. I like the zero veg time. What strains are you running this time?
  5. ...right now I have some critical, bluecheese, violator kush, deep grapefruit...and big bud. Thankx man....:wave:
  6. Killer man , exactly like my last run ;) Kinda looks like a perpetual ... in that full room shot.
  7. ...thankx man! Yeah, the room that looks perpetual is now shut down....the damn house flooded on me, sucks! I had that damn room hidden, (secret walls and all)....what a waste. O'well, what don't kill us makes us stronger, eh. ;)
  8. Yo you flooded the fucking house.:D OMG that makes me panic just thinking about it.
    So wait bro what are you running this time?

  9. ....hahahaha, well actually, the house was in a valley...a heavy rain with the help of a beaver dam near by done the flooding. I walked into my grow room and everything was flipped upside down sideways....I hit the panic button like a mofo....freaked out!

    ...I'll take some shots tonight of my new set up. I have 2- 4'x8' floodbeds that I wanted to put 3x 600 HPS over each (6x 600 HPS total)...but, it seems it's going to be complicated to have all of the same strain in that size of bed due to my mothers slacking a, I also have a few 3'x3' floodbeds that I'm going to use in hopes of filling each table with its own strain.
    ...atm, I only have 1- 4'x8' table constructed ( pics attached) it has a few different strains in it : Sweet Deep Grapefruit, Critical, Violator Kush, Blue Cheese, Big Bud

    ...I'll be doin some construction tonight on the rest of the set up, I'll take some shots then. :smoke:

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  10.'s a few shots of some of the equipment I'm workin with here.

    3 x 600 HPS.jpg
    co2 monitor (1500ppm).jpg
    RO filter (200 gal. per day).jpg

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  11.'s some of the strains I'm workin with :smoke:

    sharks breath.jpg
    cole train.jpg
    Kandy Kush x SK.jpg
    Northern Lights x Big Bud.jpg

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  12. ...upto date shots :D

    clone station.jpg

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  13. Dude that blue cheese looks amazing.
  14. taste/smells amazing too bro. I sure wish it would yield like I want it to :rolleyes:
  15. awesome, so do you simply start with a 12/12 sched and HPS?

  16. ...yeap. I let the clones spend approx 2-3 weeks in the aerocloner, making sure to have good roots developed before I bump them into flowering. I like to keep the HPS a fair distance (3 feet) away from the newly transplanted for a few days....they adapt quickly.
  17. damn sorry to hear about that dont let that dissapoint you keep building them secret rooms and growing the dank
  18. I had some outdoor nor cal blue cheez and the high was fucking amazing I loved the flavor as well
  19. how big do you take your clones?

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