Trichome Check Please!!

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  1. Hey everyone! I am entering week 10 of flower tomorrow for my two plants. It’s my first grow so I don’t want to pull too early. Thanks In advance!

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  2. Another 2 wks minimum still have lots of white pistols. Those need to change color then majority of pistils will curl into the bud. Then bud will swell and pistils will receed into bud. Plants done at that time.
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  3. Thank you! I appreciate your feedback and help
  4. You've got some amber there in those trichcs Id say you could go for it in a week...what's the strain... if it's a sativa dominant then maybe 2 weeks

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  5. Wow. For a first grow, You did really well.
    Keep doing whatever it is You did.
  6. One is Humboldt seed co OG kush and the other is Barney’s farm Wedding cake. Both are feminized seeds.
  7. Well thank you very much. That put a smile on my face . I’ve had my ups and downs with them but kept it simple. FFHF with peralite. Fox farm trio and ensuring my water was always PHed to 6.5
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  8. Good job

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  9. i would say she is really close
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  10. upload_2023-5-19_9-8-19.jpeg

    A USB camera on an adjustable stand is as low as $20.00 and will let you see what needs to be seen. Take a few fingernail clipping size samples to a table and chair and have a look see. Be sure it starts at 40 or 50x as you don't need high magnification and some start at 500x and are useless for our needs.

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  11. Awesome. I’ll order one on Amazon right now!
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  12. Handy chart for when you get your scope.
    Looking good man!
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