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trich beads?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by stikman, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. has anyone ever heard of sniffing trich?
  2. You mean snorting weed crystals? If so that is retarded and will not get you high.
  3. No. You're an idiot if you even attempt that. :/
  4. Blow a big enough line of kief and you will be high for days.
  5. theory it's possible to get high from snorting kief,snorting introduces drugs to the mucous linings of the nose where they are absorbed into the blood stream. Drugs + Blood Stream = High :D
  6. Get ready for a nose bleed lol. This reminds me of the time my friend tried inhaling a bunt through his nose. Blood was imminent.
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    Yes I'm sure you would absorb SOME of the THC, still going to be a huge waste.

    I've inhaled shit through my nose before? It burns a little but it's really not that bad... definitely didn't make me bleed.
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    yea thats wat my homeboy told me sound like a waste of keif that culd b in a joint instead
  9. correction: water soluble drugs + blood stream = high

    thc = insoluble in water = snorting it wont get you high.
  10. thats wat i thought high cheers(Pull off a joint i in a cheer like mannoer) to you


  11. how does water play a role in all this:confused: i didn't know you had to run water in your nose after snorting :confused_2:

    You kids seriously need to get off the pot forums and go read a few books if any of this sound AT ALL reasonable to you.
  13. My friend did it and had a pain in his nose for like 4 days. Not good stuff like.

  14. okay, laterz :bongin:

  15. ive tried snorting vics and percs....both hurt like a mother fucker but didnt make me probably depends on the person but who knows......anyways why even bother snorting kief just sprinkle it on a blunt....much better way of using it
  16. Why isn't this in the apprentice section? Or why don't we have a "I have no fucking idea what I'm talking about, please help!" forum?

    Insoluble in water, yes, but that's not exactly why you can't snort it. It's insoluble, period. This means it won't dissolve and be absorbed by your mucus membrane. In other words... you'll just have a bunch of shit in your nose.
  17. thats called a nose rip and a lot of people do that... ive never seen anybody get a nose bleed from it, in the thousands of times ive seen it done
  18. ........because the liquid that makes your blood a fluid and not a jelly-like substance of cells is water........
  19. Just because THC is absorbed, doesn't mean you'll get high lol.. THC is absorbed threw your skin when you break up herb.. Don't get high from that right ;)

    Why do you want to do a line of keif anyway?
    Smoke that shit and get high the right way.
  20. Its a waste

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