Tribute to Our Deceased Pets

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  1. They're our best buddies. They never judge us. They always love us. They make a shitty day great, and a great day awesome. Unfortunately, they die.

    This thread is a tribute to all our best friends and the awesomeness they brought to our lives in their short but unforgettable time with us. Post pics of your beloved cat, dog, bird, snake, rodent, fish...whatever. Tell a little bit about 'em and why they rocked.



    This is was my dog Pepper. She was my first and only dog. The runt of her litter. The owners weren't specific, but I think she was a flat-coated retriever. She LOVED water like a fat kid loves cake. She would dive right into anything, go to the bottom, and dig up huge ass rocks and bring them to the shore...drop 'em, and go get more. A real excavator!

    She loved to go get crap I would throw in the woods. She always came to greet me when I got home from school. I didn't have a lot of friends growing up, so she was always there...just sitting beside me, nuzzling my arm for hugs and belly rubs. She never bit anyone. Never heard her growl at anyone. When I was a little 9-year-old shit, I would pull her tail and she would only groan and look at me like "You gonna leave my ass alone, or what?" Most docile dog ever.

    She finally got real old and died when I was 23 (I'm 26 now). I literally cried on and off for like 3 days straight. I love her so much. I miss her. I miss chasing cows with her in the pasture (and running from them lol). I just wish I could rub her fat little belly one more time and give her nice ear scratches.
  2. She looked like one bad motherfucker!:smoke:
  3. I miss my Tubby...

  4. Ahh sasha not a day goes by that I dont think about you. :/

  5. I just lost my best buddy in July...
    I feel like I'm missing a part of me, my small apartment seems so empty, and my routines gotten increasingly more depressing. I hate coming home to an empty place..

    He was a crazy psychotic dog as a pup. Wouldn't be able to go from carpeted floor to tiles. would back up and inch forward just to the point where it crosses over and then freakout and run some invisible barrier was blocking him. He had tons of quirks like that. He grew out of it/them but boy did he ever have a personality. That dog was an individual:D One in a million that dog. God I love him, not a day goes by I don't think of him..
  6. My old dog noodles just past away recently. I had him for 15 years. Pretty much been in my childhood my whole life. I'm gonna miss that old dog.

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  7. My dog Lucky just died this past night...I woke up and the house just felt empty. He was a 13 year old golden retriever, best thing in the world to me.

    I can't even explain the connection I had with him. Got him when I was around 6 years old- my dad lays carpet, and as part of the payment for some work he did, we got a puppy out of it. We share the same birthday of october 5th! I have 2 siblings in my house, both sisters, so of course they hung out with each other all the time. Having no brothers, I had Lucky to play with. He became more than a brother to me. I cherish all the times we had, just watching him run, racing him back to the house, having him jump up to my chest and dancing with him, throwing snowballs at him in the winter (he would eat all of them)... He would run away a lot, too. The worst time, these people 2 miles down the very busy road we live on found him after we had looked for hours. The worry and fear that I would never see him again always drove me to keep looking for him, and we'd always end up finding him.

    Everything changed around last Thanksgiving. Suddenly, Lucky went blind. Completely out of nowhere-one day he could see, the next morning, he was walking into walls. After a little while, he just kinda quit trying to find his way around and laid down. I cried hysterically when this happened- I figured he had given up. He rebounded though, and within a week or so, he was walking up and down all the same stairs as before.

    Lucky kept his recovery going, but being blind changed his whole demeanor. There was no more running and less lively behavior that I had come to love him through. We could all see he was getting older and frailer, and as he did, our love for him grew stronger.

    My whole relationship with Lucky changed when he went blind. Before, he was pretty self-sufficient. You could just open our back door, let him outside, and he would do his business and come right back inside. Rarely would we have to walk him with a leash to go to the bathroom. Now that he was blind, he had to be guided carefully so he wouldn't bump into things and hurt himself. I grew so much closer to him because of this- I hated to see my Lucky, my brother, look so helpless. Through these past 10 months, our bond grew. I felt as though I had neglected Lucky for the time before this and not appreciated all that he was and all that he brought to my family.

    Now here I am, in my last week before leaving for college. I'm leaving Saturday, so I had planned to give Lucky a great big goodbye hug and spend a few hours just sitting and petting him before leaving in case it was the last time I would see him. I wanted him to remember how much I cared for him and how much he meant to me.
    Just last night, he was lively, happy, tail-wagging, doing fine. I wake up this morning, and my mom says solemnly "come to the kitchen." Her tone indicated something grave, and what she said just sent a sharp smack to my consciousness. "lucky died"..........This was at 9:30 this morning, its now almost 1 and I have run out of tears.......Everywhere I go, I see something that sends me back into the deepest sadness. His water bowl is still quarter filled. His jar of food is filled almost to the top. His purple collar is laying next to the leash, still with plenty of his hair on it. His can full of treat bones after every time he went outside is filled. I just want to toss him one more bone for being a good dog....

    Lucky, you meant everything to me. I can now only live on cherishing the sense of companionship and brotherhood that you gave me.

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  8. I'm so sorry, that sucks. The only Golden I've ever had died in her sleep. It would have killed me to put her down after what she had been through before I adopted her. She always made everything easy for me.


    My HoneyBear.

  9. i teared up after reading that, not afraid to admit it.
    fuck man, im so so sorry. i went through the same sort of thing with one of my dear cats. Lucky knew you loved him dearly, as it sounds he did you. he will forever be in your heart man. he sure sounds like he was one amazing friend, and was he ever a lucky dog to have you. ill smoke a joint tonight in his name
    stay strong brother, and remember all those amazing memories you have with him

    i guess its as good a time as any to post a memorial about my lost companion


    Quincy was a dear friend, and a sister my other cat Heidi. Soon after getting them when they were 2 months old (i was a young'in at the time), we could tell she was special. she interacted with her environment differently than normal cats. she was incredibly vocal; she would meow at me, id talk back and she would meow. this could continue for 10 min, with her purring the whole time. no matter how cute, cuddly, and playful she was, Quincy also loved to live dangerously. there were so many times where she would get herself into these wild situations, and i would always get her back out.
    one of the most memorable moments i have with her was when she was trying to wake me up for food at 5am. me not wanting to get up i ignored her. she began to strum with both paws on my venetian blinds (makes one hell of a racket), she was looking at me the whole time she was doing this. upon ignoring her further, she went and got her sister, to which they both strummed on the blinds. a couple days later she tried to wake me up for food by taking one claw and opening my eyelid while i was asleep.
    quincy would do things like snuggle up with me under my sheets, stay beside me while i was sick. her and her sister were two amazing pets, however Quincy was always a little more dominate.
    sadly, one march break she suddenly would not eat. at all. she would stare at her bowl, stare at us and cry a meow that still rings in my head. i never heard her meow so sadly before. she looked at me with this look that made me tear up. i knew something was wrong. we got her soft food, which she ate a little of. upon two vet appointments we could not figure out what was wrong. the vet figured she had a clogged hairball in here, to which a formula would fix it. nothing.
    within one month she went from 11 pounds to 7. after one more vet appointment we saw her x-ray. cancer had spread throughout her whole body. it was everywhere. she was only 9 years old. i went home and cried for a few hours after seeing that, cuddling her on my bed, her purring lightly and licking my face, trying to reassure me everything was ok. the next day we took her back to the vet to put her to sleep. no matter how hard that was. i could not stand to see my sweetheart in pain. as the first injection was giving to calm her down and make her drowsy, i cuddled her and stroked her head. she looked at me through these squinty eyes, purring softly. a few min later the vet came back to give her the final needle. i lay her down, still purring, me still stroking her head. as she slowly went to sleep for the last time, she purred, looked at me, and gave my hand one last, very weak lick
    i cried for the rest of the day
    her sister stayed beside me, she had said her goodbyes too. she knew her sister was sick, i think she stayed with me all day, in comfort and in sadness.
    i had never seen such a strong personality in a cat before......its such a same at 9 she had to go. 2 and a half years later i still miss her and still cry for her
    fuck, im crying right now, such an amazing friend
    R.I.P. Quincy, my dear sweet fur-ball
  10. [ame=]Last Minutes with ODEN - YouTube[/ame] this video made me cry.
  11. watched that once
    never again, to fuckin heart breaking
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    Man. This thread has got me crying. I lost my 7 year old collie last year, august 4th. I can't tell you how much this dog got me through. His name was Beau. He was my bestfriend. He was a very unique dog. He seemed to have almost human emotions. Every since he was a pup. He was very gentle, kind, and compassionate. This dog never hurt anything, not even a fly. He always did goofy things like herding my sister and I around the yard and barking if we even think about doing thing that could hurt us. He apparently didn't trust swings. He was very protective over us and after my sister and I grew up he did the same thing for my sisters beautiful babys. He was an angel. Got me through the hardest times in my life by just laying his head down on me. When he started getting sick is was the worst thing ever. i cried and cried and tried to do anything that would help him. The day I knew he was going was even worse. I called in for work. and dug his spot in my yard making sure it was 6 feet. Hardest thing I ever had to do was dig his grave while he watched in pain next to me. and then watch him go to the vet. It still tears me apart to this day. I will never forget that dog. Which is why I will be getting him tatted on me.[​IMG] Rest in peace collie boy.

    After I got a naughty collie puppy. Couldn't handle not having a dog to come home to. Crazy how alone you feel after losing a pet. Anyway. This guys name is Bear. He is an asshole compared to beau but he is mellowing out. I love him. He has spent all his time next to me ever since I brought him home. I only wish beau could be here to teach him some manners.[​IMG] Still thinking about Beau every day tho.
  13. Man I am going to hug the shit out of my dog when I get home. Hardest day of that guys life I bet.
  14. RIP to my pals of the past

    Rocky (bulldog), Norman (bulldog), Mo (cat), Luke (black lab), Boomer (bearded dragon). In chronological order.
  15. She died last month. Got a phone call from my mum at like 7 in the morning. It was made worse by the fact that I was on a comedown from unmentionables and feeling a little delicate anyway.

    RIP Holly <3

  16. My dog died last month after her 11th birthday. I had so many good times with her. She would always come around when I would be ripping the bong. R.i.p belle.
  17. Man not even a month later my beagle died yesterday. She was about 14 years old and I she had bad seizures and yesterday she had gone through 4 seizures and during the last one she just stopped moving and didn't wake back up. :/ two dogs that Ive had for pretty much my whole life died within a less apart. Shit sucks man..
    It won't let me upload a picture but whatever.
  18. Howler, I miss you bud. I remember the first day we got you and I slept with you on the kitchen floor to keep you company. Your life got cut so short. Words can not describe how much I love you.
  19. [​IMG]
    RIP Gambit, I know you're over the rainbow bridge having fun and biting toes...:devious: Miss you buddy :love:
  20. I miss my old dogs but they lived long fullfilled lives. But I would like to pay tribute to my old cat, Kitty was a bad ass at night he would play with the racoons and the oposums. He killed every rat mouse gofer and mole. He would disapearfor a couple days and show up like nothing happened. But my asshole brother was drunk one day and crushed him with a rock, no joke, I was fucking tramatized.

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