Tribe meets white man for the first time

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  1. This is mind-blowing.. I wonder what life would be like for them there. Too bad we're going to fuck up their society by trying to civilize them like dumbasses. [or we already did if the video's old..]

    [ame=] - Tribe meets white man for the first time[/ame]
  2. Video doesn't work for me.

    But I remember reading about certain tribes inaccessible to human contact from massive jungles and constant river tides, but a plane managed to land there and the tribe started worshipping and showed them their 'space craft' carvings from when they last arrived in space crafts thousands year earlier.

    I find it interesting.

  3. Eh, there's probably no such thing as aliens :rolleyes:
  4. Never said aliens...

    The tribe described em as white men with blue eyes and beard.

    I'm thinking they were visited by white dudes with time machine...

    Or the tribe made up story, and came true exactly as they said. White men with blue eyes. Just coincidence.
  5. I'm sure at least 1 woman in the tribe would wanna know what it feels like to be fucked by a white-skinned man :cool:
  6. That's insane. Those people's knowledge of the world is so minuscule compared to us living in the United States and many other places that it's surreal. They live to survive. I bet they're a lot happier than the vast majority of us are.

    But the first thing the guy did was snap a picture of them? Seriously? I would have been scared to death if I was one of the guys in the tribe but they kept their cools.
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    It would have been so much cooler had they started poking the white people with their sharp sticks.

    After all they are the 'white devil.'
  8. thats pretty rad man
  9. I was recently reading about some tribes who kill any people who try to contact them. I don't remember what they're called, but I think it's on some island off the coast of India. Very hostile towards anyone who's not part of the tribe...weird.
  10. This video touched me in a way haha. Awesome video op.
  11. It's aliens or future humans
  12. Wow man just beautiful. Gives me the chills! They're so real.
  13. No worries, I wasn't the first to post this either :laughing:

    One a side note, I've noticed there is an asshole lurking on these boards who enjoys trolling threads by giving them 1 star. I countered this douchebag by giving it 5 stars.

    Hey troll, FUCK YOU

  14. 1 star on a thread?! That's like taking my dignity..
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    just imagine if that bowl of rice was KFC chicken instead....they would be lickin those fingers twice as fast and hard. That white man would of been hoisted into the air and praised for the tribes entire existence. -end- racial profiling

    Racism is any form isnt appreciated here..

  16. Man, that was awesome. Its amazing to see this, I hope they remained mostly they way they were, ah i dunno how to even explain what im thinking.

    I like the end alot too, Dude was like woah, it speaks back.
  17. Wow this is trippy man. Those guys have balls for all they know one of the tribesmen could've bashed his skull in with his club..

    Its kind of sad too, because I'm sure they will be rudely awakened when they meet the greedy asshole white men..

  18. OOh sorry about that, i thought i was in Pandoras box?!
    "that is not racism, i was simply supplying some comic relief with a well known stereotype"

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