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Discussion in 'General' started by 12inchbong, May 2, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone. I've decided that I'm not going with the Bill Nye tattoo, since my reference grafiti was painted over. Damn you, park maintenence!! I've decided to go with a tribal design, and I want it to go on the inside of my right foot, kinda wrapping around my ankle. The long part with the sprial part on the left will extend to the base of my big toe.

    I've taken 3 tribal tattoos I found on the net and photoshopped them for about an hour until I found something I'm happy with. I'm gonna try to take it to the local tattoo shop to see how much it will cost. Here's the pic of it:

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  2. That looks pretty good.

    My Opinion: On the other hand, tribal tats are extremely common. Don't you want something that stands out? I absolutely love body mods, so I'll be one of the first to encourage you or anyone else to get a tattoo. However, considering it's gonna be there for life originality is something that will say a lot more down the road. Rather than the fact it's a pretty popular and common form of tattooing now days.

    But anyway, looks good. So two thumbs up, post some pics once you get it.
  3. ummmmmmm

    tribal is good.

  4. Looks good. Hey did you see SNL last night? they had a skit on about people getting tats...
  5. you should get a tat of waldo from where's waldo. that would be the shit:)

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